Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

SatanMe Hellhaul



The Hellbox has revealed several more possessed items summoned forth upon the infernal winds.

  • Drægon Baphomet medallion: The Satanic Drægon encircling 'round The Baphomet sigil in mutual rapport now possessed in medallion form, to accompany the pin. Two darketypes in one, complementary in kind. Originally manifest for Church of Satan stationary, now applied throughout for decorative and Sorcery applications.
  • Black Opal Baphomet medallion: The Black Opal is the primary jewel of Satan, and as such this splendid pendant replicating the reflective properties forged in the bosom of Belial's keep. All colors of the dark contained within the Black, each a Hellflame.
  • Evening Reign Baphomet medallion: Crisp design color detailing the Baphomet head itself distinct from the blackground within the angled perimeters, placing these talismans above in form perfection.
  • Evening Eclipse Baphomet / Sulfur Deskplaque: Ideal for decoration on just about any setting, from one's desk, to bookcase, coffeetable, even a diorama for objects d'art and statuettes, and enhancing The Altar. Features The Sigil of Baphomet flanked by the sulfur & brimstone sigil, indicative of Hellfire & Lust {kundalingam significance}, the reflective angles of The Sabbatic Baphomet enthroned, and the ocular frames with penetrating third eye projecting.
  • Baphomet magnet: Can be placed interchangeably wherever your blackheart desires for practical as well as decorative purposes, to empower whatever metal surface of choice, instantly adding thirdside psychological perspective.
  • Baphomet sticker: Ideal for Black Book of Shadows notebooks, personal grimoires, cases, and wherever else to apply philosophical and/or Magical significance. The holographic effect emits a multi-hue visual resonance to illustrate the multiplicity of variants with Satanic ideology as core.
Tags: acquisitions, aesthetics, art, baphomet, church of satan, crime, criminology, infernal empire, jewelry, lair decor, novelties, novelty, occult, oddities, oracles, ouija, possessions, religion, statue

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