DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Ungodly Possessions


Arriving recently upon devil wings coursing upon the winds of The Abyss, I Am pleased to possess these nefarious totems of prideful infernal adornment!
Shadow Baphomet Camazotz Baphomet Drægon Baphomet

  • Blackomet: Emerging from the shadows, appears this Black on black Shadow Baphomet design for that stealth or Ninja look, a clandestine presentation projecting into the subconscious. {Black is The Darkness of creation; the Quintessence of Black Flame Animus; The Abyss & dimensional Gateway}
  • Camazotz Trapezoid: The manifestation of the avenging chiropteran dæmon emerging from Hell through the Trapezohedron gateway. Early Church of Satan, Magic Circle design. Also a poignant misanthropic materialization of the black plague decimating the subhuman scourge. {Red signifies Blood, Lust & Passion}.
  • Drægon Baphomet: The Great Drægon encircles the Baphomet sigil in darketypal serpentine form, whispering & hissing with biforked tongue of flame, with tail pointing straight to Hell! {Purple signifies Authority}.

Materials are optimum quality, classy presentation, professional considerate communication, with discreet packaging, and often includes a little something extra.

Tags: acquisitions, baphomet, black earth, church of satan, clothing, infernal empire, misanthropology, misanthropy, possessions, shirt

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