DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Messages From The Darkside

Church of Satan News

Messages From The Darkside
“Deep in the heart and minds of every man and woman lies a plethora of delightful mysteries, horror, and things unseen. If you are deemed worthy enough by the Rulers of the Darkness, you will be given the Eyes to See everything as it is. You will be allowed into the Invisible Forest of all you Dream and all you see will become you…Take a walk into the Invisible Forest and tell me, do you see and experience what you think you do? Or is it simply all in your head? YOU decide.”

The Church has announced news of the unleashing of Messages From The Darkside. I Am pleased to contribute 3 pieces herein, & participate in this horror anthology compiled by Delilah Charmer! Hail Satan!

Tags: book, church of satan, dark side, draconis blackthorne, horror, infernal empire, literature, walpurgisnacht

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