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Satanic SINopses


Some multimedia synopses, commentary, & quips on various presentations.

NINTH GATE: A really fantastic film about a book dealer named Corso who's employed by a would-be Sorcerer to compare copies of the same grimoire to divulge which is the correct one for a ritual of The Ninth Gate. Unfortunately, he apparently received an incorrect one or some such, as he momentarily achieves omnipotence, but makes a mistake when setting himself on fire. The point of this very Apotheosis-style rite is to achieve absolute Power, but when he turns against himself and lights himself on fire, he negates the purpose in self-glorification for self-immolation!

While it seems that this girl who's been following Corso may be an angel at first, then perhaps a witch upon spotting a tattoo of a silver serpent to signify being a member of a Coven, then finally revealed she in fact the Whore of Babylon {Lilith? So she's an incubus!} riding The Beast {Corso?}, whereupon he is able to traverse into the 9th Gate! Whereupon a dimension opens within the castle he just departed!

Notable scenes include making love to a cultist brunette, then the beautiful 'whore', who disrobes to mount Corso bare breasted; the book itself is splendid in its Satanic woven pentagram countenance; the ceremony held at the estate with congregants attired in hellegant black silk robes and large pentagram medallions.

WITCHCRAFT '70: Great footage and subject all around! Nudity abounds! Besides the obvious amazing Church of Satan segment, the British Witchcraft {some gorgeous subjects therein! Both The Black Mass and Pagan rites}, Haitian & Brazilian Voodoo, and American Hippie ceremonies were compelling spectacles in videographic documentation! I also did note that SATAN is appropriately credited in all practices!

EXORCIST III: Fr. Karras is possessed by a demon and resides in a mental asylum. Incarcerated after becoming a serial killer named "Gemini". George C. Scott plays an investigator set to challenge the demon, but fails in the end by killing Karras in the cell. So being that the host has become unfit, the demon goes forth to possess someone else.

Phantom of The Paradise: A Rock Opera in the style of The Phantom of The Opera. This came out a year prior to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Features "Winslow" who makes a deal with The Devil. His mask is a hellmet that looks like an owl's face, but with eyes reminiscent of the Baphomet sigil. Christine Daae' is named "Phoenix", and primarily sings rock ballads.

Some of the performances are entertaining such as the macabre bands that emerge amidst a morbid stage environment resembling schauerfilm presentations with elongated angles, trapezoids, endless hallways, precarious stairs, with some traditional Horror and Halloween motif elements.

HELLFEST: This was actually a pretty good movie, mixing suspense, evocative aesthetics, and a bit of slasher as well. A real killer dressed in mask and hood pursuing a girl through a Halloween amusement park and spookhouse! He utilizes a knife at first, then an axe found in the HELL section, and even some of the props! Like a guillotine for her friend! A rather Michael Meyers vein Halloween dynamic... but not too badly done.

This got Me thinking that to Me, SATAN & HORROR are synonymous. Just add erotica and Gothic aesthetics for perfection. HELLOWEEN, Keep the EVIL in DEVIL, et al. And so it is.

OUIJA: Featuring two pretty girls with a fascination for the board, then paranormal events begin occurring. Overall, the movie seems a rather vapid presentation made for vapid teens with otherwise common concerns. While the herd seek mere boring "normalcy" and generic existence, devoid of imagination in favor of the prescribed programming of 'the system', common society, etc., some have always been the ever strong so-called "psycho", "weirdo", "freak", etc., SATANIST, and I love it that way! However, I do like the idea of looking through the planchette to detect supernatural activity in the room!

Secret of Skinwalker Ranch [H]: An interesting case I find very intriguing, about the paranormal occurrences happening on this ranchland. From skinwalkers {lyanthropes}, cryptids, UFO's, mysterious lights, cattle mutilations, energy fluctuations. The land was Cursed by Navajos, which began the train of events, intensified by nascent tuleric energy, directed by Will. The conductive materials within the land itself also contributes to to the manifestations and enervation.

The thought occurred of what is superstition? I wrote a chapter on the subject in DRACOMEROTH, as the term being different from 'Stuporsition', that is to say being controlled by it, rather than utilizing it or one's benefit, in enriching traditions and psychodrama which complements The Magical Mindset and overall Sorcery materialization. It is important to know the occult processes within and without in nature {parapsychology & metaphysics}; So while we practice, direct, and embody, these types of 'investigators' just seek to record or understand, being fascinated muggles in what we do. It is an amusing spectacle, but to our kind it is known.

Of note, the secret headquarters at base's system is called SATAN {acronym}.

The Incredible HULK

King of The Beach: A most excellent episode featuring Big Lou playing Carl Molino working as a cook in Santa Monica by muscle beach {I wonder if it's the same diner referenced by Arnie in Pumping Iron?}, a guy that just wants to get by, but because of his sudden need for money, enters a bodybuilding competition in spite of being admonished not to by a sleazy manager for the then reigning "King of the beach" played by unimpressive smug asshole Ken Waller {whose the culprit in Pumping Iron that hid the shirt!}. I recognized Samir Bannout immediately, & I think I spotted Andreas Cahling also! Gold's Gym is prominently featured as well.

It was mused that at the time, one could go live at the beach and dedicate oneself to weightraining, bodybuilding, which would be funded by Joe Weider so long as one competes and contributes to the artform.

Banner has to deal with two criminals who run afoul of an ambulance chasing street urchin named "Mandy" pretending to be hurt, then steals their ill-gotten gains, which they harass Banner for on two occasions - once in a drowning attempt beneath the pier {Hulk wrecks the pier}, and the other by stringing him up by the neck on a tricepress machine! Hulk appears onstage with Lou! Carl eventually ends up with Mandy as his supportive girlfriend.

Sanctuary: Banner goes to work for a mission, when an escapee from a wetback caravan seeks 'sanctuary' at the mission, overseen by a gaggle of nuns, including Edie McClurg! Seems the beaner paid the 'coyotes' to get to Texas to see his ill mother, but takes off when they reveal they're going to Colorado instead, and gets shot trying to run. Banner has to eventually impersonate a priest to fool the coyote leader {played by brother Pancho! Halloween With The Addams Family movie}, who eventually figures out the ploy.

/,,/ Horntip: It is notable to mention the rather Satanic perspective demonstrated by this character when indulging in a feast at his hacienda while talking to 'ex' son. I.e., not wanting to be dominated by the catholic church or any 'god' above him! He notes the hypocrisy and fallibility of these types, giving The Devil His due in his individuality, independence, and inner Strength! ! Kudos! \,,/

Dark Side: Banner is self-administering a solution that ends up isolating and manifesting primal impulses while boarding with a family. The fresh 18 yo daughter takes to him, and fortunately at least manages to have some indulgence in her, while another lady shows interest in Banner to ventures but to a strip bar where The HULK comes forth, as a particularly mean green emergence, thus influenced by the drug. Banner ends up crashing in a lake with the girl and it takes The HULK to get them out.

Of note, the same actor that was in that carnival episode who played a wolfman was in this one as the father. This was a fascinating Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde scenario on a trinary level with the Hulk! I particularly enjoy the savage representation of the spear-wielding primitives in clayface makeup wilding forth with long hair! And the drumming sound effects!

But this episode speaks to balance and thirdside perspective. I mean, there's nothing wrong with indulging in whatever one desires, allowing certain inclinations and impulses to come forth, but with reason, yet not hampering opportunities, but in fact accentuating them! These temptations emerged with willing partners, so pleasures would have been mutual.

"Death" of The Incredible Hulk: Ha! Totally ridiculous! I like Ferrigno & Bixby, the transformations, feats of strength, the rest of the storyline, but the way that these writers cranked this out about The HULK 'dying' from a fall from a jet? They must not be familiar with all of the battles he's had with deadly opponents, and all the falls he has taken throughout the ages! Not to mention the mode of transport has always been leaping great distances from great heights! A fall could not kill the Hulk! The earth would just explode around him from the impact! Like F L O O M ! Hypothetically, had Banner himself fallen from that height, there may be a possibility, but otherwise, NOPE. So it just seems gratuitous! So this is the ignorable one of the series. Hulk Lives!

However, it is notable that the actress who plays Amanda from HIGHLANDER plays a Russian spy named "Jazmin" herein, and Banner's love interest.

THE BOY: Much of it was entirely relatable, except for the part of him coming through the wall! That seemed a bit gratuitous. I think the film should have been kept entirely on a psychological level. But other than that, those 20 minutes or so, the film is aesthetically splendid, the story personally relevant, and the ending was a pleasant one after all, what with Brahms being fixed up, and cared for. Also pleasing to know that there will soon be a BOY 2! Looks intriguing, and the more the better!

What Are Friends For?

What Are Friends For: Details the coming of age dynamics of a young witch discovering herself, following curiosity to gain empowerment and control of her life and desires. An outcast, considered odd and weird by other common kids, her parents are divorced, which seems to be the intended psychological dynamic to assert that this may be why she is exploring The Occult. Although if he truly is a born witch, the discovery and evilution will continue wherever she is!

This is the source of the scene Sgt. Emon used in the Inside Edition Satan Sleuth video for his 'occult seminars'!

TED: Actually a pretty funny and charming film. "Ted" is like a party animal likened a Bobcat Goldthwait type, like a stoner who sleeps on the couch. Started out like a charming little bear brought to life by a boy's wish upon a star, then essentially becomes a reflection of him, like his Id.

I really got a kick out of Sam Jones {Flash Gordon} being in it as another party animal, and the transformation of the asianeighbor as Ming! The personalized veritable Satanic Wedding at the end wherein an entire theme is selected with elements pertinent to The Self, and Jones presiding as minister! Also think he would make for a fantastic role as Huell Howser!

Then there are the ringtones! Hers The Imperial Marche and his the Knight Rider theme! Looking forwards to watching TED 2! Hail Ming!

The Greatest Show On Earth: Most of the circus samples from Speak of The Devil came from scenes in this film! A circle struggles to keep the show going nomatter the cost! Buttons the Clown turns out to be a doctor on the run for killing people before joining the circus. He saves the conductor's {Charlton Heston} life after a trainwreck leaves them in a shambles, but they recover to put on a parade nonetheless!

Heathers: A darkly romantic tale reminiscent of a pseudo-Gothic Bonnie & Clyde, about a misanthropic duo of highschool students picking off deserving jocks and bunnies made to look like suicides. The male protagonist is obviously based on the characterization of Jack Nicholson. Punishment due on those brutes and bitches!

National Geographic TABOO {Secret Passions/Satan Worshippers}: Necrotic Taxidermy Artist and companion demonstrate eviliving as Satanists in the suburbs, and conduct a Curse ritual on a deserving sacrifice {victim stole for heroin}. Theft & incompetence seem to be a problem in those parts, so there must be safeguards against stupidity! Another Dead wastrel! Good riddance! Hail Victory! Hail Justice! HAIL SATAN!

A note: Satanists are not "Satan worshippers". Satanists do not "worship" The Devil, but identify with & acknowledge the Satanic aesthetic, archetype and stimulating psychological construct through psychodrama to manifest emotional energy for Magical manifestation in accordance with The Will, and is a motivational force. Oneself IS The Devil, God, everything emanates from The Self. Parapsychologically, Thoughtforms can be created and channeled as well.

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