Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Occult Draconian Sorcery


MAGIC is not only psychodrama, it is a key to the manifestation of Sorcery. A complementary ascension. Psychological to the parapsychological, a key to the paranormal. On the efficacy of utilizing real materials for Greater Magic practice, following are additional suggestions & guidelines regarding tools and Altar implements:

  • Attain the actual materials for the construction of The Altar, which should itself be comprised of natural elements, such as wood or stone, which serves as veritable conductors of energy.
    {Altargirl/boy optional, as preference dictates. May also be automaton, with Baphomet characteristics in enthroned position}
  • The Skull should be made of real bone. That which held living tissue. Acquired after demise legally from an ossuary merchant. Otherwise risk incarceration for gravedigging. In the case of animal bone, may be acquired from dining upon the flesh, or found.
  • The Sword whose blade has been preferably bloodied. Acquiring this from various informed merchants can yield weapons of choice.
  • Candles charged with one's own energy otherwise made by one's own hand, even blood.
  • The Altar sigil Plaque should be comprised of wood or stone, clay, some natural material. May also be of cloth.
  • The Parchment may be plain paper {ideally flamesinged}, rolled like a scroll tied with appropriately colored string, ribbon, cord, etc.; but recommended as actual parchment, vellum, gevil {skin}, or papyrus.
  • Robe should be new, or acquired monk robe. Otherwise religious vestment or costume.
  • Pentagram or Baphomet Pendant & Ring may be acquired new, or formed by placing a dollar coin upon traintracks, which will be flattened, details removed, and heated by the train {physics force energy of Belial}, which is then malleable enough to etch symbols and inscriptions. Or forged in fire. All charged by moonlight and the Hellements by The Infernal Names.
  • Location: Private ritual chamber is ideal, but graveyard, crypt, forest {ideally by a tree struck by lightning} trees of oak, redwood, or willow, cave, beach, grotto, and otherwise where the elements meet.
* For the performance of a Black Mass, acquiring a "transubstantiated" communion wafer, actual crucifix from the chapel, and blessed "holy water" by a priest, via the art of deception.
Tags: baphomet, black book of shadows, black mass, greater magic, jewelry, magic, nature, paranormal, psychodrama, psychology, psychology of religion, ritual, supernatural, tales from the darkside, tales from the shadowside

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