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The UnXplained
{hosted by Shat! [H]istory channel}

Integretron: Extremely intriguing technomancy on the nature of immortality. This device was 95% finished, when the inventor all of a sudden suffered a fatal heartattack, with all components and plans confiscated! That really sounds like a setup! Sounds like this device may have put the funeral industry out of business! As has been seen with other industries, when a revolutionary invention comes around, they literally pay to keep it off the market! And if the inventor doesn't cooperate, they have even conducted assassinations! Like adding a solution to water for instant gas, replacement for oil, electricity, etc., all buried so that the industries can continue on their inferior technology and continue making money off it! The Edison technique of absconding and/or defamation, lying and cheating! For instance, Edison was a fake and a phony! The true genius is Tesla!

Of course, Vampires and other highly evolved superhumanoid creatures would be all for this technology, as science complements Magic and vice-versa. As a matter of fact, Magic is and has always been the seed of science! But even if science were to not quantify the processes of Sorcery, the paranormal and the supernatural, we continue inevitably utilizing it nonetheless! It is a constant experience!

Cults: It was bit heartening to see that The Church is seemingly no longer considered a mere "cult" by the media, and were not mentioned at all in this presentation. Ergo, to wit, despite misinformation and defamation attempts, Satanism in a full-fledged religion! Of course, xian deathcults like Jones' "people's temple", "heaven's gate", and even "buto" were covered; the latter is more of an expression of The Shadow Side represented in theatrical dance, which one girl apparently couldn't handle. She was seemingly too impressionable and too imbalanced to equalize the expression, so the darkness overwhelmed her unto suicidal death.

Regarding Shatner, it is amusingly ironic that there is actually a "Church of Trek", not to mention that the way trekkies behave is like a veritable "cult". The meetings, costumes, lingo, etc. Plus, I saw him on The Devil's Rain!


A young Warlock seeking Power, Wisdom, and discovering His father's legacy. Too bad about his girlfriend, though - a "basic girl" who doesn't resonate with his aspirations. Thus, a level of "Samanthitis" here. To each their own. Pair with one's kind, and reserve those for play! Johnathan should get himself a proper witch that would understand, and maybe even willingly participate in The Rites of Darkness! I can always profoundly resonate with the "Awakening" scene, wherein he is veritable "baptized" by The Hellements and His ritual tools are infused. Always a moving observation of this Dracommendation. [Spechtreum review]


Hail Mastema! A veritable Satanthology of various 'tests' placed upon a computer programmer nerd so named "XCalibr8" {technomancer characterization: or "the new Magic"/technology, although we know that one complements the other} by "Mastema" {translated by gauntlet computer as "Beelzebub", "Satan" et al, who looks like an impressive Warlock, Devil personification, and He certainly is! Richard Moll plays some of the best ever Daemonic Villains!

EVILSPEAK is another most notably impressive role! Though while Mastema battles this "new magic", Father Esteban works through this medium for his diabolical purposes.

Here and there, Mastema {one of The Infernal Names! "Hebrew Synonym for Satan"} utters wise Satanic counsel. An wonderful presentation throughout.

There are six hexagonal adventures herein, from HEAVY METAL, featuring WASP in concert {to the tune of Tormentor!}, CAVE BEAST {featuring the naked angel girl and a truly demonic-looking Belialian beast}; SLASHER {which was a small bit boring compared to the others}; DESERT PURSUIT {'Mad Max' adventure}; battling a rock giant in 'STONE CANYON GIANT'; then in DEMONS OF THE DEAD, by the lead of the demonic goblin "Ratspit" {which greatly reminds Me of My beloved gargoyle Nocturnus!}, XCalibr8 faces the corpse of his own demise, yet surprisingly utters quite a Satanic statement himself in "I substitute my own reality!". In the end, the giant Mastema and goofball nerdboy fight it out fisticuffs, yet of course, "Evil always prevails" somehow! Of course, sans dp, Mastema would just adds him to his list of victories.

In defense of statements made that Mastema is merely bored, this would hypothetically be due to his superior intelligence, imagination, Power... but of course, if he desires it to be so, can summon up whatever challenges and entertainment he likes to amuse himself with! Hail Mastema!

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