Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Have you...

Driven over 100mph- yes, with uncles at first, no doubt, then later in the Dracmobile!
Ridden in a helicopter - Yes
Gone zip lining - Not yet, but I did go bobsledding near Santa's Village!
Been to an NFL game - I may have once attended a RAMS game during a formative period, have no interest now.
Been to Canada - Not yet.
Visited Florida - No, but I heard plenty of tales therefrom; from crocks getting too close for comfort to certain homes, to the behavior of junkies and methtards.
Visited Mexico - Yes. First took a tumble in a station wagon as a Dracling, then later acquired a quality leather jacket there, for 1/2 the US price.
Visited Las Vegas - Yes, on Friday the 13th weekend, in October!
Eaten alone at a restaurant - Not that I remember.
Ability to read music - Somewhat self-taught when I was figuring out The Hymn of The Satanic Empire music sheet from The Devil's Notebook. Still need to do this at some point in order to formulate all the musick in My head! I have thusfar been able to describe how I want a song to go, even to the point of demonstrating with the instruments!
Ridden a motorcycle - Yes, with uncles and donor. He used to take Me around from time to time.
Ridden a horse – Yes, every year with the Y near Magic Mountain!
Stayed in a hospital – Yes, once for tonsils and once for somebody else.
Donated blood - Never! Taken some, though!
Been snow skiing - Not yet, but came close! Actually went boogie-boarding in the snow!
Been to Disney World - Not yet, but Disneyland plenty of times! Every year with the Y! And several times since!
DisneyLand - As often as possible! Went lastime in Year XL!
Slept outside – Again, once a year sleepover with the Y! Also camping with friends since.
Driven a stick shift - Not very well.
Ridden in an 18 wheeler - Not yet!
Ridden in a police car - Yes! Once for possession of a shiroken on school grounds, once for shoplifting, and once for DUI! Fun! Crazy Satanic Panic era Devil Dave!
Driven a boat - Yes! On Pyramid Lake with uncles.
Eaten Escargot - No, nor care to.
Been on a cruise - If visiting The Queen Mary counts!
Run out of gas - No. Always keep a can in the car just in case!
Been on TV - Absolutely! Unintentionally at first during Dracling & Devil Dave phase, then intentionally with The Church!

  • Dracling: Wonderama, Kids Are People Too, Romper Room, Villa Alegre.
  • Devin Black / Devil Dave: The Rise of Satanism / Doorways To Satan [Jeremiah Films], America's Best Kept Secret: A Look At Modern Day Satanism [Passport magazine prod.], Kids & The Occult {John Hagee Ministries}, Pacesetters [KHJ 9], June Caine Miller show [KDOC 56], Sunday morning show [105.5 KNAC fm; caller], Bob Larson Talk Back [caller], Inside Edition [Satanic Bible repossession story, pentagram manifestation story].
  • Draconis Blackthorne: Pact With The Devil [Discovery; ritual performance & Art], various multimedia mediums, from radio to print & online. [link]
Eaten Sushi - Yes! Especially nori rolls!
Seen a UFO – Yes! Saw one at a former residence, then heard / felt one surrounding one while nocturnal hiking! Then again detected a stealth triangular craft on the way back from The Mad Greek restaurant while driving by Zzyzx.
Been Bungie jumping - Not yet!
Been skydiving - Not yet!

/,,/ Sally Ann Moon
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