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The Boonies

Took a trip out to visit some of LB's relatives today, way out in the "boonies" of Riverside County, to the city of Hemet, which took about an hour to reach, and we listened to the latest episode of The Devil's Mischief on CD on the way there. Immediately, I appreciated the country-like environment, the dark wild roads, until finally reaching the destination. I met two people in particular who merit mention herein, as they either amused and otherwise interested Me while there. Considering that I Am obviously a Satanist, a feeling of uneasiness often accompanies My presence, often causing the herd to virtually 'scatter', as also I generally have no interest in communicating with them anyway, but I decided to entertain Myself while I was there. Now, I Am not normally "into" the Star Wars saga all too much, but thought that the obscure "The Black Hole Stormtrooper" was quite an intriguing character, and it was not until I met this 'fan' that I was reminded of him. Seems that he is the only convention-attending participant who has actually gone so far as to create a costume of this enigmatic character. Well, being that I happened to have My camera, I persuaded him to allow Me to take a photo of Myself wearing the helmet, which shall be shared as the film is developed. Being that I have appreciated the "Dark Side of The Force", as it were, I also thought it strangely appropriate that the photo was snapped with Myself wearing My Baphomet medallion, just to add a bit of perspective on that cinematic genre.

I also took a couple of pictures of Myself wearing the actual armor from the film "Dungeons & Dragons" along with black sword, which he acquired from Ebay {where else?}. Unlike the character in the film {who is bald}, I decided to literally "let My hair down" in more of a Conan-like manner, which is a relatively rare sight nowadays, although it was mentioned that the spectacle was quite favorable - we shall see.

The other person I chatted with was a sexy young lady by the name of "Pam", who considers herself a "wiccan" - now as Satanists, we know the comical origins of this term, which is about as "ancient" as the turn of the 20th century, and originally coined by Gerald Gardner, after overhearing some jokers mentioning the term as a prank, but for civility's sake, I digressed in favor of possible libidonous exploits. Plus, not being solipsistic, when inevitably asked about My affiliation, I referred her to our official site and recommended she read The Satanic Bible to educate herself about Satanism. Yet from many of the remarks she made during the conversation, it occurred to Me that she was more of a de-facto Satanist, and perhaps will one day evolve into realization once perusing our philosophy, or perhaps not. We do not seek to convert like the blindlighters, but we may provide accurate sources when and if requested, that the curious may make their own decisions, and thus allow stratification to naturally occur. She commented that at one point during a relationship with a former boyfriend who claimed to be a Satanist, she became aware of The Satanasutra {which I wrote} and practiced some of its principles and activities, which was gratifying to know. I also handed her My personal card, should she desire further contact.

Earlier in the evening, I perused a nearby patch of land about three acres large, surrounded in some interesting high rock formations, complete with a creek and hiking trails - completely malleable land, most ideal for the construction of a veritable Satanic Lair, which may be the possible Magical manifestation of a protoypal total environment I have been considering.

I also had the pleasure of meeting two lovable dogs by the unlikely names of "Shane" and "Snowflake" - who were both most effervescent and playful.

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