Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

write your witchcraft

What draws me to witchcraft? POWER.
How do I see the divine? MYSELF.
What in witchcraft makes me happy? SEX.
Do I want to follow a path that has to do with a little nature, or a lot of nature? I love Nature, with a true recognition of humanimal nature!
What areas of witchcraft would I like to learn more about? Lust, Money, & Destruction.
Where do my witchy talents lie? Curses!
What kind of deities, if any, do I want to honor? Myself, SATAN, cooperation with Daemons of Hell! Thoughtforms, energy permutations, etc.
How do I believe magic works? Utilization of emotionally-inducing imagery, place Will into The Ether, the IS-TO-BE, formulate a reality, then allow it to evolve.
Simple or elaborate spells/rituals? Why? I love the process of ritualization. The psychodrama.
What are my views on cursing/hexing? For Justice & Revenge!
Do I want to practice something similar to my ancestors? NO. Too tainted with blindlight iconography and terminology for Me. I prefer the infernal purity of Satanic expression.
What are the basic morals and ethics I feel I should live by? The Satanic Statements, Rules of The Earth, Sins, & My own Dictums and Sins!
What in nature am I drawn to; the ocean, animals, the trees, etc? Ocean, forests, mountains, humanatomy.
Which (witchy) holidays, if any, would I like to celebrate and how? The High Sabbaths & Esbats! Nativity {Dracmas}, Walpurgisnacht, Halloween, Solstices & Equinoxes, full moons, Friday the 13th. The Satanic Bible, Rituals, & Dracomeroth.
How do I believe divination works? Utilizing The Oracles as tools to tune in to The Shadow Side, whch open the gates of perception.
Would I like to work with a group some of the time, all of the time or not at all? Some of the time, particularly for Major High UnHolydays.
Which aspects of witchcraft appeal to me most, which the least? Love it all!
What do I believe happens to us when we die? Never die! Perpetual regeneration!
How do I see mythological creatures? Thoughtforms and metaphors. Granted life and perceivable.
When do I feel most magical? When the environment & atmosphere is conducive, after showers, thunderstorms, High Unholydays.
How much is witchcraft woven into my daily life; is this too much, too little or just enough? Everything.
What kind of witch do I feel I am? SATANIC. The most Powerful by far!
Which texts/quotes best describe my current path?
Do I like research and gathering info, or do I like things handed to me? Research, natural intelligence, experiment, and instinct.
Which things about witchcraft worry or scare me? Nothing.
What is my favourite element? FIRE. {flesh}
How do I see gender (roles) in witchcraft? Intelligence, talent, skill, & Merit.
Am I interested more in magic, or spirituality? MAGIC. The philosophy & lifestyle naturally follow.
Do I like to be told how to do things, or would I rather figure it out on my own? Auto-didactic study & application with selective personalized accentuation.
What rules, if any, do I live by when it comes to witchcraft and magic? Statements, Rules, Sins, Dictums. Do unto others as they deserve.
What do I gain from witchcraft and magic? Power, knowledge! Indulgence!
Formal or informal rituals/spells? Why? By thought of Will for minor applications, more concentrated practice for formal rites.
What subject do I love to study? Black Magic, erotica, horror.
What is my favourite type of magic; candle, sympathetic, sigils, etc? ALL.
What would my perfect witchy day be like? Overcast with howling hounds and squawking crows, winds.
Would I want to be dedicated/initiated? I have done so Myself with The Satanic Baptism.
Who do I honor (ex: deities, ancestors, myself, etc), and how do I, or would I like to, honor them? The myriad manifestations of SATAN, Myself, Ma.
How do I create a sacred/witchy space? Consecration of The Ceremonial Grounds with The Hellements, Pentagram traced, or rug.
What do I believe is needed for a successful spell/ritual? The Will & emotional desire to do so, inspirational imagery, poetic, arcane language, infernal terminology.
Which cultures do I draw from in my witchcraft? The Satanic in all as needed.
What is my learning style; books, websites, videos, more hands-on? ALL.
What, if anything, in my mundane life influences my witchcraft? Martial Arts, Ninjutsu. Enhances.
What are my hobbys, how do I (or can I) incorporate them in my witchcraft? Drawing, creative writing, poetry. Construction of Parchments.
Where do my non-witchy talents lie, how do I (or can I) incorporate them in my witchcraft?
What would my dream witchy life look like? What steps can I take to work towards it? Very similar to that of Magus LaVey with My own Draconian spin.
What would my dream sacred space/witchy home look like? What steps can I take to work towards it? Keep following My bliss and create incessantly, saving up money, casting workings, cooperative ventures, win the lottery!
What symbols correspond with me; runes, animals, flowers, gemstones, etc? Dragons, serpents, demons, thorns, black opal.
Am I an open and proud witch, or do I (need to) hide my craft? Open, Strong, & Proud!
What are my favourite witchy items/tools; divination tool, ritual tool, décor, clothing, etc? Blackthorn cane staff, Satan's Tarot, cavernous Hellegance.
What is holding me back in my craft? Getting some important items out of storage, and money.
What is my pre-spell/ritual routine? Shower, dressing, meditation.
What are my ultimate witchy goals and how can I work towards them? To reside in My own Black House with total environments therein, and many lovers of various persuasions.

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