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In Azrael's Arms

There is one existing interview online, and it is amusing how the horrified hosts react to her explanations on some of the complexities of Necromancy. Black pearls before swine, methinks.

In Azrael's arms...

On the mourning of the 27th, sublime Necromantress Leilah Wendell traversed the veil to join Azrael, in shadowy flight into black wings resplendent.

Apparently, she had been experiencing blood issues, eventually became immobile, according to her earthly partner. She wanted to spend it in her familiar home instead of some sterile hospital. This past Winter observance was spent in a more traditional manner.

I also learned that the original Westgate Necromantic Gallery was damaged in hurricane Katrina {the bitch}, necessitating relocation. There was actually a fund for awhile.

My introduction to her work The Necromantic Ritual Book yielded a deep exploration into the shadowrealms of the psyche, and to acquaint oneself with the Angel of Death himself, wherein that dark energy persists, for mutual beneficial applications, particularly useful for Curses, and The Keys to Life & Death. Immortal contemplation and embodiment.

The Grim One

It became like an evolution in study from reading The American Way of Death, which I just happened to have in My Library. Necromancy has always been a fascination ever since reading relations of invoking the "spirits" of the dead in the grimoires. And here seemed to be a veritable 'Codex Mori', sans the sanctimonious guiltripping, limitations, obfuscation, and weakness of blindlight corrupted texts. To summon and cooperate with The Angel of Death Himself! The Grim One, The Reaper, whose presentations and archetypal personage has always been intriguing. Daemonseeds sewn unto actual coalescence!

A multi-talented artisan, I would also come to discover that she was quite the artist as well! The creation of these darkly evocative, gothically-beautiful shadowscapes and transcendent scenes, displaying that morbid energy in splendor. It even spawned a 16 page book of prints called LAST DANCE: The Necromantic Art of Leilah Wendell. Furthermore, she even released Dark Ambient music through a CD entitled PERMUTATIONS {will possess!}, making for ideal accompaniment for necromantic rites.

Not exactly sure where I acquired the hellegant text, perhaps it was the Covina Bookstore, cause I can't imagine Towerecords having it so readily. Following is My review of The Necromantic Ritual Book:

Azrael awaits...

The Necromantic Ritual BookIf you are into Necromancy, & seek an experience from beyond the grave, this arcanum will connect you.

The whole necrotext is lavishly decorated & illustrated, adding an extra sense of morbid pleasure while reading.

The rituals found therein are grimly arcane, instructing in effective methods of not only communicating, but summoning shades, & even Death itself! According to this teaching, to walk with Azrael, the Angel of Death, can be an edifying, enriching experience. One will learn to connect with the Death-Force, & also to sculpt a creation, & bring it to life. Just holding this book, one can feel the black essence resonating from its presence.

THE NECROMANTIC RITUAL BOOK is a bible for the profoundly gothic, who takes one's orientation seriously. Do you think you are familiar with death & melancholy? We'll see just how brave you are in the very presence of The Grim Reaper himself. Most will not possess the fortitude to even transgress the preliminaries. If you think you do, & are confident enough to become Death's Empath, then the House of Death refuses none. - source

May flights of dark angels sing thee to thy rest.

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