Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dracmasacrifices LV

Dracmasacrifices LV

  • Herd celebritard saint & rapist "kobe 'christ' bryant" helicopter crash. Herd Saint Bryant is dead! Go tell it on the calabasas mountains! For on the hill of pumpkins within Satan's Hour, did The Devil's Fog manifest, claiming 9 sacrifices in hellfire.
    On the way to his pretentious "mambacademy", a herd icon plunged to his death, whom the common populace seem to consider some sort of hero... for bouncing a ball around...? as a testament to one of the things that is wrong with current western society - concentration on simpleton jocks who merely serve as cretin entertainment, like showpets, which they most assuredly are, when this subject should more appropriately be low on the totem pole of concerns, but this is like putting PE first! Games and kidstuff! What about The Arts & Sciences? Scientists? Philosophers? Creators & Nuclei of all worthwhile stripes? But the way the sheeple have been mourning, it seems almost as if they expect him to rise again in three days or something! Maybe his charred and broken bones should be paraded around the nation like that of past "saints". Or maybe prop him up at games?

    Funny enough, as I was checking the newsfeed at the approximate time, someone had posted news of his death, and I honestly thought it was some sort of joke, as seems to be increasingly common, announcing false deaths, so I used the laughing icon, considering how irrelevant and absurd it is, and why would that appear on My feed? And now I find it even more amusing!
    Predictably, Stupidity was undoubtedly a major element in this crash as well. considering that the LAPD had grounded their aircraft due to the fog, but for whatever reason the pilot and occupants decided to plod through anyway. Unwise, yet not surprising.

  • Feb: Coronavirus plague. As of this date: Infected: 40,171. Deaths: 1,016+. Affected territories: 27. The revenge of the rat, cat, bat, snake, dog, gator! Started in Wuhan, the highest concentration of animal cruelty and indiscriminate consumption. Nature takes care of its own. Justified punishment for subhumans eating snakes and bats over there! Cross-species infection. This latest plague has been traced to the consumption of these mammals and reptiles in the Wuhan region, which has now been quarantined! Interesting that this happens to be the Year of The Rat according to the chinese newyear, and now there shall be revenge!
    Do not kill non-human animals unless attacked or for your food. - Rule of The Earth #10.

    What intelligent, evolved person looked at a bat or snake, or even a monkey for that matter {which they also consume!}, and felt that consuming those would be appetizing!? Snakes do hunt bats near the mouth of caves, as is their nature, but it seems that it is not natural for humanimals to do so, otherwise it would be built in behavior and would long since already be a common cuisine. It would seem that doing so would be an ultimate and regrettable last resort if anything, not a preferred option! Lex Talionis! Hail Pazuzu!
  • Brentwood: Ironically, a new black "Brentwood" coffee brewer came last week and seems to work with regular filters well enough. Amusingly, the day after its arrival, a fire broke out in a Brentwood apartment building injuring 13 sheeple, killing one, which shall be considered another Dracmasacrifice!
  • 1/28: 7.7 Caribbean Quake!
  • 2/8: Thai soldier went on a shooting spree killing 29. Nice killcount!
Tags: anti-xian, antichrist, antixian, black mass, blasphemy, christinsanity, dracmas, herd mentality, herd stupidity, misanthropology, misanthropy, nature, rip, sacrifice, social commentary, social observation, society, sociology

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