DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Shadow Baphomet


Shadow Baphomet

On the heels of the recent Drægon Baphomet possession, I went on the mailbox Constitutional in the 9 o'clock Hour of Satan, yielding the Black As Pitch 1.75 Baphomet from SatanMe! {I hear Nathan Explosion saying "Blacker than the blackest black, times infinity!"}. With black nickel angles on blackground, there really has to be a lightsource reflection to be perceived, and appears as glossy black on a matte blackground, as I had envisioned, like the evocative Shout At The Devil album.

Additionally, there are a plethora of other beautifully splendid selections to taste, which can be attuned to occasion, purpose, Hellday, and mood.

My first Cloisonne' Baphomet possession was from The Emporium, which SatanMe grew from. The silver on black version now named "Evening Black", and I would eventually come to possess the 666 High Mass version obtained at the event.

I had been desiring a Black on Black Baphomet medallion, and it has come to be in the form of the Black As Pitch pendant by SatanMe! Available in 1.25 & 1.75 versions, I Am pleased to possess this exquisite piece that reflects not only one's purposes in ritual, but the shadows themselves, with angles appearing from the darkness of the angles, perceived in conscious and subconscious recognition, complementing eachother in kind. A truly Shadowmantic tool.

Tags: 666, aesthetics, art, baphomet, black earth, jewelry, magic, possessions, product review, review, ritual, shadowmancy

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