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The Satantra Newsletter V.8


I. Bizarre Sexual Trivia: Bizarre Kissing Facts, more.
II. Satantric News: Dutch Brothels Legalized, Goodness, Gracious, Great Boobs of Fire, Protestors Brave Nippy Weather to Fight for Bare Boobs, Police Get to the Bottom of Matters, Women Aroused From Sleep By Phone Sex Calls, Love Hurts, Doctor Restores Virginity to Patients, Man Undergoes Surgery For Bearing All in Barroom, Queens to Stand by the Throne, Prince Lends His Support to Breast Pillow, Animal Offender Has Investigators Saying EWWWE!, Woman Tries to Avoid Arrest with A Breast, Birds, Bees, and Billy Goats?, Officer Has Beef With Man's Solicitation, Dude Looks Like a Lady, Over Zealous Cop Busted by Busty Teen, They Could Teach You A Few Things, Nude Zorro Rides Again!, Sexperts Reveal How to Have Sex in Public Legally, Family's Travel Plans Sunk Upon Receiving Porno Brochure, Lapping Bovines Make Bald Men Happy.
III. Carnal Comedy: True colors, Important Info for women.
IV. Sextionary: malacodermous.
V. Lustful Links: Satanya.
VI. Satantra Gallery: Forbidden Fruit.

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