Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Krampusnacht harvest

By howling demon winds, with hellfire torches burning fiercely through the night, hooves quake earth and rattling chains, so emerged brother Krampus in fearsome shadow of arching horns, and bristling black thorns dripping with scarlet rivulet tracing to The Abyss, a bountiful blackened cornucopia bestowed of devilish delights!

A cordial letter written by clawed hand in nubile crimson arcane script, displaying the Krampus gargoyle himself!

You're still tops on the naughty list!


Malefick Musick
The grande doors are opened to the Halloween & Solstice seasons, from scurrying and twirling leaves singed with abyssal flame, to the first early snowfall, Hellegantly presented here are the musickal keys unlocking the shadows of the mind...

    The Haunted Symphony Ebonshire

  • The Haunted Symphony: Resounding through the night within lambent hallways of this ghostly manse reflecting spectres & reverberations of instrumental passion, The Haunted Symphony echoes forever. My favorite orchestrations herein are Touch of Evil and Bloodstained Legacy.
  • Ebonshire: Enchanting yuletide opus to complement Winter's Knight, Majesty, Eve. Perfect Winter accompaniment throughout. Forgotten treasures emerge 'neath snow-laden crypts to haunt the mind, notes deftly floating through the air as so many snowflakes unique in countenance.
Ghoulish Games...
  • The Cabinets of Dr. Arcana to accompany Theater of Illusions: A walk into the illusions of The Magic Castle, to nestle into a shadowy velvet-curtained dimension, upon an ornate table, puzzle game accompanied by the arcanum amulet {a highly detailed work of occultic art}, to summon those darksome muses from deep within the psyche. The Mysterium contains the shadowmirror to reveal the mysteries of boundless potentials, the darkside within.
Nocturnal Visions
    Born of The Night
  • Born of The Night: The Gothic Fantasy Artwork of Joseph Vargo {9"x12" paperback; 184 pages; 140 Color, grayscale}: Accompanied with descriptions, Hellegant pictorial filled with ideal ornamentation for the Coffintable, adorning one's library, even walls, properly framed if one so chooses to collect the posters option as well; compiled herein this compendium of delighfully dreadful spectacle into gothic realms reflecting dreams and nightmares sublime. Whence one has originated, resides perpetually, and shall ever exist, as you can feel it right down into the black bones. Whether enjoyed in darkened chambred by candlelight by oneelf and one's inner daemons, or by invitation to those who dare traverse this gothic universe in tandem, an adventure into a subterranean labyrinth of timeless treasures.
Enter The Fortune Teller's tent...
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