Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Krampus Helloyule tree

Krampus Tree

I enjoy the scent of Bosque Cashmere {perhaps reminiscient of the Basque} & Apple SinAmon*, whether spray or oil. Very woodsy and unhallowday evocative, contributing to the decorative hellements herein, such as the Krampus Yuletree recently erected {in anticipation of Krampusnacht & the Winter Solstice Sabbath}, complete with asserted phallic significance {note the positioning of the Drac-o'lanterns & ascending center trunk}, so far added with Darth Vader ornament, red inverse crosses, spiked eyeball, a Wonder Woman warrior, lustfully comical sexy leglamp, a couple of snowflakes, and the Pentagram Lucifer Star crowning. The tree itself features fiber kaleidoscoptic lights transitioning in a pleasing opalescent presentation.

  • For what is xmas but herdmas, but businesses {religions included} profiting from the gullibull herd, placing them in debt that they slave away to pay for the rest of the year?
  • There is a reason Santa is an anagram for SATAN. Besides being a welcomed alternative to the filthy & absurd nazarene manger myth, Satan Claus {Krampus} represents indulgence and opulence, fertility, bounty, and Winter harvest feasting. All of the so-called "sins" enjoyed aplenty!

~ Mr. Hellvedere

*both patent number D666 - check the can!

Current Film: Santa Claus | The Unwrapping of xmas

Tags: 666, autumn, christinsanity, diary, fall, halloween, holidays, krampus, krampusnacht, possessions, satanic panic, solstice, winter solstice, xmas, xoids, yule

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