Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Drægon Baphomet

Draegon Baphomet

Draegon BaphometTo the blasting demonwinds howling across this Hellscape, as the squawks of ravens betoken an arrival, the presence of a new possession to be welcomed and brought to The earthly Infernal Throne, an offering wrought of Devil's fane, the denizens rejoice!

An incredibly hellegant piece that seems essential, especially for one whom The Dragon is a primary iconographic inspiration. Used as letterhead for The Cloven Hoof newsletter and Church correspondence as well being featured throughout The Satanic Bible, it is a most potent piece that will absolutely enhance aesthetics and overall atmosphere and psychodrama!

Whether pinned upon your lapel, tie, or used as a broach upon a robe or to fasten a cape, it may even be used upon one's bag. At a heavy duty 2x2", the pin features two spikes for secure fastening, and available in four shades for prideful decoration & personal applications. Hail The Satanic Draegon!

Tags: aesthetics, archives, baphomet, church of satan, infernal empire, jewelry, novelties, oddities, possession, ritual

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