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Kingdom Hospital

Quite an entertaining series so far, and I Am looking forward to more. This takes place in a location native to Maine, where insatiable writer Stephen King resides, and frequently uses places and memories from Maine to illustrate his plots, and this is no exception. Intigrated in this novel is the incident in which some yokle ran him down in Year XXXIV while he was out on his morning walk/jog, wherein he frequently reads and listens to music. The result of that incident was the death of the driver, as justified recourse was taken.

Also, I noticed that the logo for Kingdom Hospital strongly resembles a pentagram, and the storyline reminds Me of King Diamond's "The Spider's Lullabye" opus - could Stephen King and King Diamond be collaborating? Will we be seeing an intigration of 'Eastmann's Cure'? Probably not, but the similarities are intriguing. Even the incorperation of the character of the spectral little girl lends a memory of Melissa or Abigail. Still I would love to see the KD musickal novels in cinematic form one night.


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