DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Day of Observation: High Unholyday High Priestess Nadramia!

To Me, September 1st brings forth the onset of the Falloween season, as a gateway into Halloween. And a time to honor Maga Nadramia's Nativity Anniversary!

September 1st through November...

The bloody reds and earthen browns, the harvest oranges & ghoulish greens, even the deep silvers, all engulfed in the shadows of the black. The scents & sounds of Devil's fane entrance the senses, swirl in the brain...

Samhain emerges from nightmarish dimensions...

phantasmagorical psychodramas, glimpses of the sweetest Hell, forthcoming tricks and treats to tantalize and tease, amuse and entertain!

The faces of Satan...

Emerge displayed in diabolical masks, visions of the deep Abyss of The Mind...
whereupon jack o' lantern's hellfire, demonic faces leer, twisted souls seen, flickering sigils on forestrees...
pointing the way to The Pit.

So we take this opportunity to honor The High Priestess of The Infernal Empire! Undefiled wisdom prevails! And as Baphomet enthroned, reflections cast in the gloom, trident aloft, by pentacular bolt struck in stone, sparking Lucifer's torch, The All-One incarnate in worldly devils dancing the dance of life, who by this dual paragon evolves in nefarious delight!

In Nomine Satanas!
~ Warlock Draconis Blackthorne

* Theory / Practice: Peggy Nadramia Familiarized from essays in The Cloven Hoof & The Black Flame magazines, an appearance on The Joan Rivers show, and meeting at 6/6/6.

Tags: articles, autumn, birthday, church of satan, falloween, halloween, holiday, infernal empire, literature, nativity, satanism, seasonal, seasonal greetings, seasonal message, seasons, seasons in hell

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