Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Calling Dr. Mabogo...

While excavating the back patio earlier this evening, what did I find, but two Nkondi statues {resembling the picture provided - an actual photo will be presented upon the development of another roll of film}/{which has since been done}, as associated with Palo Mayombe {without the pseudo-catholic elements, and will probably {properly} be consecrated to Damballah}, which have been back there being spider nests for the past year or so, ever since I received them via post-mail from a client.

They stand about 18" tall or so, whose purpose is basically to be 'guardians' and 'avengers' of a household, which can be likened to gargoyles in many respects. I have decided to post them at Satan's Hollow like sentries flanking the nook thereof. Upon conducting a web search to gain more information on their possible Magical applications, I have learned a few pointers on their uses as said 'defenders of the realm', and shall conduct some experiments in the near future. They are rather Satanic, in the sense that their potential is dual in countenance, used to help or hinder. Plus, their aesthetics somewhat resemble tikis, and would compliment a pool environment nicely, which is the next major home project. ∞

Update: These statues are alive - especially evident in the darkness, they certainly develop their own very discernible presence - when you look at them, they look back - while at Satan's Hollow enjoying the night, one can perceive flitting shadows of movement across the walls, as if the little fellows were running about, being warriors after all; I was reminded of a delightful film named "Trilogy of Terror" - the third tale therein relates a Zuni fetish doll coming to life, with sharpened teeth and glittering beady eyes, attacking, and eventually possessing the Karen Black character - quite an entertaining segment.

Overall, these nkondis really add to the atmosphere, shall serve well, and are a welcomed addition to this Gallery of Horrors. ∞

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Tags: black earth, dr. mabogo, dracumentary, nkisi, nkondi, paranornal, parapsychology, possessions

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