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Numerological anomelies...

An interesting little tidbit of an occurrence early yesterday evening. Received a receipt which read "Your savings: $6.66. Items purchased: 13." Little things like this occur on a regular basis with those general numerological configurations - a lot with 9's as well. If the teller happens to notice, there is always that awkward look on their face, inspiring a rictus of My own.

Archives: Also, for those who have followed The Blackthorne Chronicles from time to time, I have added a few photos to past entries where I stated I would when I developed film. So there are additions to "Hallow's Evil" {October}, "Halloween Decorating" {October 7}, "Black Demon on The Altar" {March XL}, "Satan Takes A Holiday" {links from 'A series of Confectionary Delights'}, and rare New Yorker Addams Family images added to a couple of posts about the Noctuary relocation in January XXXIX {Noctuary Update 1/20, My Lair}.


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