Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

HELLEGANCE: The Aesthetics of Evil

Herd parlance has of late misnomered The Aesthetics of Evil as "ugly"? Common simpletons misnomered obvious terms such as "stupid" in a positive, perhaps ironic sense in the past. [1] Yet the Aesthetics of Evil indeed do have nascent forms of symmetry {sometimes purposeful asymmetry}, while being Gloriously Gothic & Magnificently Malefick. A Darksome Hellegance unmatched by any perfidious garishness.

One has merely to only gaze upon the immortal beauty of [link] The Four Crown Queens of Halloween to assert that example, as well as Dracula's Brides, incarnations of Lilith, Succubi, Witches, etc.! While The Devil as a Gentleman has always been alluring to women of dark desires! From Count Dracula, Barnabas Collins, Prince Vlad, to The Phantom of The Opera, and Satan Himself, the attraction to The forbidden, the Mysterious, holds the deepest romance, and raptures of lascivious abandon!

Lack of Aesthetics {as well as civility & even intelligence} seem to be in preference among the lower eschelon of untermenscht, which is truly ugly, and must be countered & corrected, which is why it is included among The 9 Satanic Sins. The veritable Command to Look in a complementary manner, rather than a disgusting connotation. A promulgation of these prideful assets are inherent for The Satanist. Of course, there is a method of deportment as well, mannerisms correlating thereof, enhancing overall style.

As to 'Darkitecture', there is a consideration of architecture as well, as observed with trapezoidal angles from buildings to automobiles, anatomy, clothing, to natural formations, environments and monoliths creating dominant mass & lighthouse effect. [2]

In formative development for instance, just ask any cool kid {infernal progeny} what their taste leans towards, and it inevitably involves the demonic and monstrous. Interests which should be propagated, not diverted, watered down, or brainwashed by the bad advice of pretentious self-righteous hypocrites, who themselves are programmed with figments of limited imaginations, and created "divine mandates" that serve an outmoded agenda!

In reality, an undefiled observation will yield a contrast between the Strong Daemonic versus the wastrel weak, and the balance of Justice. Egalitarianism only serves the fabricated mentality of spiritual enslavers, while Stratification places individuals according to merit & nature, thus propagating evolution.

Wise up! The diabolical is not "ugly". Just because you're scared or disturbed does not make it so, it just makes you a wimp. Lack of Aesthetics is "ugly". Trendy fashion is clonish & boring, & ghetto culture is racist-based AND tacky!

From cave paintings depicting the hunt, strength & agility, resourcefulness & ingenuity, to the Hellscape paintings of Dore', Durer, Bosche, the technomantic manifestations of Giger, the surrealism of Dali, Shauerfilm & Noir presentations, it is observed that the darksome glimpses of The Shadow Side can run from the practical to the surrealistic, encompassing profundity to folly.
[1] In a true consideration of Stupidity, which is Satanic Sin #1, the inferior herd have come to call "stupid" what they do not understand or merely disagaree with, although that would be granting too much credit in assuming they have an actual educated opinion on a given subject, for the commoners tend to explacate that of which they are ignorant, merely impulsively reacting on an emotional, rather than intellectual level.

[2] References
* Law of The Trapezoid, The Devil's Notebook; LaVey.
* Personality Synthesizer, The Satanic Witch; LaVey.
* Dractionary, What Is Satan?; The Devil's Scroll; Blackthorne.
* Tricks & Treats, Dracomeroth; Blackthorne.

Tags: aesthetics, art, essay, shadow gallery, writing

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