Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Nefarious Newsletter 3/1-6/LIV


xian reich burns Harry Potter books!

How very similar to common Satanic Panic practices of frightened xoids trying to rid the world of The Devil's influences! There has been many a pyre including records & movies as well! Obviously this makes no difference whatsoever, as those books will continue to sell, continue to contribute to the art of reading, exercise the imagination, and make for many wonderful sessions and contemplation for the more intellectually inclined - those who appreciate this particular entertainment faire.

Obviously, anything that deviates from their limited scripture strictures could be subject to immolation, because it may not follow their simplistic dualistic program, while those readers may suspend disbelief for a time, engaging in the mystical world of Witchcraft & Sorcery!

The irony is that this frequently causes a reversal effect, for adventurous readers, moviegoers, and music fans know that the forbidden stuff has always been the best stuff! So thanks for being unwitting emissaries of The Devil, essentially creating a veritable hellfire beacon for maximum attention!

Ultimately, this amounts to nothing more but theocratic tyranny! But always eventually works in favor of the artisans!

Black Metal drummer burns NZ church

Well, that's one way to bring attention to your band! IGNI. Of course, these types of crimes tend to follow an exclusively anti christian, jewish, or islamic framework, with the perpetrator having no deeper an understanding of true Satanism than that created by horror movies or fantasizing Satanic Panic christians! If Vikernes' methods are to be considered! The problem has always been in the historical and aesthetic value of some of these structures. Clearly, Gothic & primal architecture is to be valued, regardless of what hypocrisy is being taught within those walls, otherwise, the only factor to be considered is a legal one, and whether or not it is worth the incarceration.

Otherwise, many of these properties can be purchased and renovated, customized to suit the owner! "Converted" churches can make for a great Gothic Lair, business, or even Hellfire club!

Beheaded statues!

Committed by a rabid is-lame-o-tard? Petty criminal Devil worshipper? Catholic-hating psychotic xoid who doesn't believe Catholics are real xians?

Tags: anti-xian, antichrist, antixian, architecture, black earth, blasphemy, blindlighters, crime, criminology, fundamentalism, fundamentalists, history, mental illness, nefarious news, psychology of religion, satanic panic, xoids

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