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Nefarious Newsletter


Death Valley LAKE!
A 10 mile "deathlake" adds charm to "the Valley of The Shadow of Death", where Gomez & Morticia celebrated their honeymoon! Historically the lowest and driest valley in North America, given its name by pioneers as virtually uninhabitable. Also contained therein are landmarks with names like Dante's View {via Furnace Creek}, The Devil's Golf Course, The Devil's Playground, Badwater, various caves, "hellholes", etc.

* SPOOKY GEOLOGY: Devil Places

More money than brains!
I've had a feeling about this for awhile now, whereupon just witnessing so-called "professional" conditions across the country, how apparent incompetents are in positions they don't deserve! It has now been revealed that rich flunkies have been purchasing degrees, receiving special favors and even fake scholarships, named being proficient at sports activities they are not capable of... and all for pretentious display! Unfortunately, the result is placing virtual dummies making uneducated decisions, trial and error reprogression, lessening the organization or occupation they join!

And this goes for not only paying for diplomas, but nepotism based on race, religion, even sexual preference! Giving breaks to those who are just merely viscerally similar, robs the quality of the occupation, when it should only and always be based upon MERIT!

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