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Holy Wars


The "Holy Wars" cuntinue!

ITEM: 49 dead! 20 injured = 69!* Payback's a Bitch! Watching the blindlighters decimate eachother is a pleasing spectacle, the more the better! After all, this has been going on for centuries, so nothing's new! As a matter of fact, xians are being slaughtered on a daily basis in those sandlands, churches bombed, etc., while using even little children to conceal bombs and wield firearms as so-called "soldiers" for "allah". Saracens battling eachother in name of "God"! Pathetic! Ancient truism "those who live by the 'sword', shall die by it!"

As the xoids' are mandated to go out unto all the world to proselytize, The Saracens' koran mandates to wage war against all "infidels" who are not such as they!

This crime was perpetrated by a "white nationalist", a self-identifying member of a racist christian cult organization {which does have its corollaries amidst other blindlighters}. It seems no coincidence that so-named "christchurch" was selected for this massacre! As far as I'm concerned, I'll quote a line from The Black Anthem:

"Buddhist, christian, muslim, jew... we don't need them anymore!"

nazarene, mohammud, you can have 'em! Go/od riddance!

UPDATE: Keyan university attack by islamotards killing xtards

Hail Allah XUL! Hail IBLIS!

* 3/16: Since updated to 50 dead, 50 injured.

ITEM: Fire at Mountain Town
NO! At least 32 were saved! This is actually more tragic than any of that typical subhuman activity {as amusing as it may be}. Our little four-legged brothers and sisters! Those that slither, crawl, leap, fly! In ether regenerate into Nature! By the Hellements! Welcome and return!

ITEM: ON THE RUN: Murdered girl's mother extradited to CA from TX
An update on an ongoing saga of the most recent victim to be thrown into the veritable gaping maw of the Hellmouth that is Haunted Turnbull Canyon! The boyfriend {alleged killer} was found sleeping in a car in a parking lot in San Diego, while the mother was found all the way in Texas, both apparently on the run! She may have been intended for prostitution by pimp boyfriend and mother as well! Justice will be done!

Trial By Sex! {Catholic Archives}
According to one source, back from the 13th-17th centuries, Divorce could be stipulated if one member of a couple accused the other of impotence, in which case the couple would have to have sex in front of the court in order to determine the efficacy of the charge.

ITEM: Stonehenge party: BYOP! Bring your own pig!
Apparently, gaining entrance to Pagan revels at the monolith required one to bring one's own feast beast, being swine and wine!

Malefick Musick News
  • Mötley Crüe does a rendition of Madonna's Like A Virgin?! This is just about one of the oddest renditions ever made! Definitely the heaviest! Amusingly irreconcilable! A wincer! Though there is nothing quite like Weird Al Yankovick's Like A Surgeon!
  • In the wake of Walpurgisnacht, POSSESSED is scheduled to release Revelations of Oblivion on May 10th! There has been no release by the band since The EYES OF HORROR ep {followed by several live albums}. The Possessed Unholy Infernal Trinity {666} has always been the self-titled POSSESSED, BEYOND THE GATES, & the said EYES OF HORROR. Take a listen to No More Room In Hell. Just as fierce and Wicked as ever! {Did notice less reverb on the voice, though it really complements the musick!}; Sounds like REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION may very well be worthy to be included therein!

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