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Rite of Oyama Kuji Kiri


Kuji Kiri Kanji"Kuji Kiri" refers to The "9 symbolic Cuts" made into ether, and can signify the outpouring of the chakra energy points. As The Pentagram itself represents The Hellements with Ether at the fifth point, and Flesh at the center, so Kuji-Kiri resonates with Ether, Magic. As Satanic Ninja coincide and utilize The Hellements in the evolving development as represented in the points, and mirrored in The Infernal Alignment, Shinobi utilize this meditation in preparation for a goal, focus, meditation, overall empowerment, and to keep the senses sharp. It has been slightly modified here to include Satanic aesthetics, references, & sensibilities.

Kuji Kiri is a recognition & application of the birthrights of activating, preserving, exercising, and enhancing intuition, super-sensory perception, stimulating Magical capabilities, and further levels of evolution. For The Satanic Sorcerer, it is intended as a tool to manifest nascent abilities of the Dark Side of The Psyche. Practicing this along with dedicated training in the Ninpo art is optimally recommended, and will provide a framework of inspirational resonance. The philosophy of Satanism is greatly complemented by this discipline.

It is recommended prospective practitioners first well acquaint oneself with Codex Satani, Dracomeroth, which may accompany this practice for reference & practice.

1. Rin - Strength of mind and body.
That achieved through The Infernal Alignment {Dracomeroth}
2. Kyo - Direction of energy.
That wielded by virtue of the practice of Magic. {Successful manifestation of Will}
3. Toh - Harmony with the universe.
In balance with One's animal nature and earthly outer nature. The Satan Force flows through & around one, as The Sorcerer is the conductor and empath thereof.
4. Sha - Healing of self and others.
Visualization and the generation of Chi projected onto affliction, causing favorable recuperation. Transference of malady onto deserving sacrifices also counts!
5. Kai - Premonition of danger.
In league with one's instincts to sense danger and practice caution with intelligence and following the course of logic; utilization of the Cause & Effect dynamics of /The Parallelogram Ethic/. In full adherence with intuition, which has led to favorable situations, and avoided negative ones. "Satan whispers".
6. Jin - Knowing the thoughts of others.
May include cold reading & reading the mark, practiced enough to enhance actual Telepathy. Sharing thought projections, instances of "knowing what you're thinking!"
7. Retsu - Mastery of time and space.
Apotheosis opens The Gates of Power, enhancing all Rites of Darkness. The practice of seemingly slowing & speeding time, apportation, astral travel lucid dreaming, teleportation, casting one's image, entering dreams, etc.
8. Zai - Control of the elements of nature.
Enviromancy. Calling forth weather & environmental conditions. Directing The Hellements.
9. Zen - Enlightenment.
Overall Luciferic Enlightenment, accomplished by virtue of all previous levels.

The following ceremony may be practiced as often as one feels the need to do so. As well as enhance the significance of each of the bell tones in Satanic Ritual.


  • Utilize either The Altar, or construct a separate Shrine. Shrine should contain a Sabbatic Baphomet statue, tapestry and/or Baphomet sigil thereupon in view. [see Dogym]
  • Unroll a {Pentagram - ideal} Carpet, rug before each. May include kneeler, or kneeling pillow, cushion.
  • Prepare Black Candle/s & Dragon's Blood incense burning thereupon. Both of which of course have been previously consecrated to The Four-Crown Princes of The Hellements.
  • Clothing: May don {Ninja - ideal} gi & tabi, or nude. Wear Baphomet sigil medallion and/or ring, or patch.
  • Option: Reserve ocha {tea; green ideal, but may be what is pleasing to the palet.
  • Music: Cultural music of either martial countenance or peaceful compositions.
  • Enter area facing sigil.
  • Bow with intercrossed Cornus, keeping eyes upon sigil.
  • Gesticulate Pentagram & Trapezoid with Left-hand Cornu towards sigil, creating The Doorway, which is 9. Pass thereunto.
  • Sit or kneel upon carpet.
  • Gesticulate Signum Pentaculum. Place Cornus of both hands upon knees, facing upwards in meditation position.
  • Sit quietly, meditating upon the black candles & Sigil, and otherwise specifically upon a desired goal and desire. When ready, clap cupped hands 9x. Continue.

In the name of Oyama! Akuma arise from the cavernous Pits of Yomi, and grant Me thy strength! I partake in Thy Mysteries! Here I dedicate the Kuji Kiri!
  • 1. Rin - Strength of mind and body.
  • 2. Kyo - Direction of energy.
  • 3. Toh - Harmony with the universe.
  • 4. Sha - Healing of self and others.
  • 5. Kai - Premonition of danger.
  • 6. Jin - Knowing the thoughts of others.
  • 7. Retsu - Mastery of time and space.
  • 8. Zai - Control of the elements of nature.
  • 9. Zen - Enlightenment.
{Drink ocha. Proclaim:}

OYAMA! Thy Strength is mine! Hail [one's name]! Hail Satan!

{Signum Pentaculum. Clap hands or ring bell 9x. Gesticulate Conjoined Cornus, bow maintaining eye contact with Baphomet sigil. One step in reverse. Exit area.}


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