Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Nightstalker test questionnaire

name: Ric R
date of birth: 2 28 60
height, weight, shoe size: 6’1, 180, 12
hometown: e.p.t (el paso texas)
wheels: lamborghini, prison parking lot
brothers: 3 sisters: 1
most treasured honor: my dick
perfect man or woman: superman, wonder woman
childhood heroes: jack the ripper, frankenstein
favorite tv shows: the simpsons, x-files
favorite movies: unforgiven
favorite songs: no quarter (led zeppelin)
favorite singers: halford, ozzy (rob halford and ozzy osbourne)
hobbies: writing, drawing
favorite meals: none here
why you wrote me: cause yr cool
recommended reading: horror, dean koontz
every january first i resolve: being more of an asshole that i already am
nobody knows i’m: more depressed than people think i am
my biggest regret: not being rich while free

page 2

if i were president i would: rule w/ an iron fist, around my dick
what i don’t like about people: a lot of things
my biggest fear: none
superstitions: lots
friends like me because: who needs friends
if i were an animal i would be: a panther
personal goals in life: none
favorite color: black, red, blue
favorite number: 666
political views: crazy anarchy? whatever that (can’t read this)
thoughts on crime: vary-
thoughts on drugs: vary-
thoughts on sex: great if i could get away!
sexual likes/dislikes: stm /
describe first sexual encounter: 12 years old w/ a woman of course
what i expect from friendship: nothing
religious thinking: Evil?
what you are thinking now: Evil thoughts in evil doorways

date of birth: 2 1 ∞
height, weight, shoe size: 6’-6'3", 270-275, 12, 13.
hometown: Hell.
wheels: 1947 Frankenstein Hearse, KITT, Batmobile, Munster Coach. DRACMOBILE.
brothers: 1 1/2 sisters: 1 1/2. Both estranged.
most treasured honor: Warlock, Black Belts.
perfect man or woman: Batman {Keaton, Bale}, LaVey, ME; Wonder Woman {Lynda Carter}, Morticia Addams, Lily Munster, Vampira, Elvira.
childhood heroes: Batman, Darth Vader, Satan, Spiderman, HULK, Conan, Dracula!
favorite tv shows: The Addams Family, The Munsters, Night Gallery, Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Tales From The Dark Side, Tales From The Crypt, Dark Shadows, X Files, Wonder Woman, The Incredible HULK, Monsters, The Master, Kung Fu, Knight Rider, All In The Family...
favorite movies: Bram Stoker's Dracula, LEGEND, The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, Elvira Mistress of The Dark, Elvira's Haunted Hills. The Nightmare Before Xmas, all Tim Burton, The Omen series, The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, The Devil's Rain, Satanis, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, The Devil's Daughter, House of Dark Shadows, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, Taste The Blood of Dracula, Dracula Prince of Darkness, Star Wars trilogy, MING The Merciless {Flash Gordon}, Big Trouble In Little China, Enter The Ninja trilogy, The Lost Boys, Interview With The Vampire, Hellraiser series, Phantasm...
favorite songs: Love You To Death, Type O Negative.
favorite singers: Halford, Ozzy, Tate, Marcolin, Danzig, Steele, Dickinson, Lawless, Diamond...
hobbies: Writing {essays, misanthropic commentary, poetry, occult, philosophy}, Drawing, listening to Musick, weightraining, Martial Arts.
favorite meals: [none here] Ditto! Ideally, Chicken-fried Corned Beef, meatloaf, potpies, monster burgers, homestyle, soul, Italian, Spanish, Mexican.
why you wrote me: Found questionnaire. Serves as an introspective tool into The Shadow.
recommended reading: Horror, LaVey, Blackthorne, Gilmore, The Family Dracula series by Jeanne Kalogridis, Anne Rice, Clive Barker, Nietzsche, Twain, Campbell.
every january first i resolve: Nothing. Pleasure like every month.
nobody knows i’m: More Powerful than they can ever imagine.
my biggest regret:

page 2

if i were president i would: Legalize the Stanchions of Daemonocracy! Then let society and humanity evolve!
what i don’t like about people: Stupidity! Victim mentality, rudeness, slobs, lack of aesthetics {eyesores}, crappy ghetto music {earsores!}, mediocrity, sheeple!
my biggest fear: NONE.
superstitions: That which complements My Magical Mindset!
friends like me because: ? Have no friends, just online acquaintances!
if i were an animal i would be: DRAGON. Basilisk, serpent.
personal goals in life: Everliving Legend in The Black Arts & Crafts!
favorite color: DARK.
favorite number: 666, 13, 9.
political views: MERITOCRACY. Deamonocracy!
thoughts on crime: Allow criminals to decimate eachother for entertainment purposes! Circus Maximus!
thoughts on drugs: Legalize it and let Nature sort it out!
thoughts on sex: THE MORE THE BETTER!
sexual likes/dislikes: Whatever pleases the senses!
describe first sexual encounter: Digital manipulation in a movie theater during Childsplay 2!
what i expect from friendship: Complementary comradeship & cooperation!
religious thinking: SATAN!
what you are thinking now: SATAN! SEX! Magic! POWER!

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