Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

A series of confectionary delights

Had some Dalia's Pizza yesterday which was absolutely scrumptuous, tasting like home-made cuisine. As part of a conversation that night, I asked "I wonder if they have a Black Dalia Special?... it would come in two pieces."

So there has been much ado over the chili finger incident - such a rare occurrence would not dissuade Me from acquiring some of the best chile I have ever had, very home-made like, not pasty, or tasting like burrito filling like some of those other places I have tried. And how many people have gone to Wendy's recently making an order, adding "without the finger, please." I would WANT the finger there - after all, it could be used for stirring - and would THAT not be amusing... if Wendy's had a darker sense of humor and began manufacturing stirring spoons in the shapes of fingers, although you would have to be careful when ordering - if you ask for a finger, they might flip you one, but then smile and give you a free shake.

Took a trip to Trader Joe's earlier, acquiring My selected delights, which of course includes cheese {brie}, chocolate {pound-plus milk chocolate bar with almonds, and TJ's dark chocolate-covered espresso beans - fuel!}, and always meat {remmus sausages}, pastry {3 lb. TJ Cheesecake}, and some kind of inriguing ale or cider - last time, it was "Blackthorn Cider" - this time, it is "Diabolique Ale", which comes in a very attractive bottle, and whose taste has a sort of 'rummy' flavor, rich and light at the same time, and quite potent, I will add.

While at the register paying for My items, I opened My wallet and inadvertantly briefly displayed My Church of Satan membership card which was spotted by the woman behind Me, for I noticed her from the corner of My eye, turning pale and looking back to the man behind her as if to say "Did you see that!?" - her head remained down when she turned back to My direction. So it was even more of an amusing outing with that unexpected occurrence.

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