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Marilyn Munster Undead!

So the first Marilyn Munster is now undead like everyone else! The series is timeless, so this is really just after the fact! Of course, the character is immortal, and will never die! These actors step into the archetype to materialize the thoughtform creation of The Nucleus, reflections of The Shadow within, enhancing & dramatically exemplifying personality traits, one complementing the other in contemplative rapport!

Of the actress Beverly Owen, it is said that she did not initially want to become part of The Munsters, and just wanted to go home to her boyfriend to get married! It was reported that she would spend most of her time sullen, depressed, even crying! So eventually because of this, she was let go to be replaced by Pat Priest! She was so similar in appearance, that no one really batted an eye!

Now it would be interesting to see that character as a zombie and Bride of Frankenstein! Finally joining the rest of the clan aesthetically! That idyllic Marilyn Monroe style strewn with sutures and green complexion!

Then there's this!

* Sinemaerotica review: This Ain't The Munsters XXX

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