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Doppelgänger: A ghostly double or counterpart of a living person.

Doppelgangers acknowledged herein as complete lookalikes, with visceral differences, not just similar in appearance, but uncanny similitude, and otherwise purpose. Locations can range from opposing continents, to dimensional realities. There are six types of Doppelgangers:

  • 1. OPPOSITE: One's extreme opposites in either proclivities, and/or appearance. Villainous or heroic variant. Antithesis.
    This may even appear like oneself, had one adhered to and followed another path diametrically opposed to oneself. For Me, it would have been an evangelical fundamentalist.
  • 2. TWIN: One who looks like oneself, feature-wise, perhaps stylishly.
    A veritable twin stranger with similar clothing, manner of speech, or even likes.
  • 3. MATE: Intellectual. A Like-minded individual, so as to be virtually mentally identical. A.K.A., "soulmates".
    I.e., "share a brain". Whereupon familiarization with work, creations, philosophy, interests, etc., one had shared very similar thoughts. Whereupon as sensation likened Déjà vu.
  • 4. SELF: Counterpart, reflection in another, or even same concurrent dimension of reality {Conscious/Unconscious, intentional or unintentional dependent on practice}, time/space continuum, or Future/Past Self. [reincarnation]

  • 5. IMPOSTER: One who knowingly impersonates oneself, attempting to assume one's identity & lifestyle.

  • 6. EGREGORE: Manifest thoughtform conjured via Sympathetic Magic.
    Set upon Ether to fulfill a purpose; i.e., succubus/incubus {sexual energy}, vampiric {lifeforce, prana}; psychokinetic, &/or telepathic projection, per psychic impression.
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