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Headless Cross

Black Sabbath
Headless Cross

An "occult classic", in My opinion, being that this album is under-appreciated and underrated, remaining a more or less "hidden" classic of Macabre Metal.

The musick herein is memorably melodic, mystical, and powerful, with an operatic voice that is truly an instrument in itself here, with clearly decipherable lyrics, which are arranged in a story-teller format, with the mood it creates as one of an eerie ambiance, and best listened to at night, in My opinion. Very theatrical in a Metal/Gothic/Horror sort of way - a wonderful combination, which is just pure dark entertainment which one can visualize in the theatre of the mind.

"The Gates of Hell" begins with the ominous sounds which brings to mind permeating fog as an arched stone gateway creeks open, unleashing the horrors within; and therefrom, straightaway into Headless Cross, an omenic tiding as a warning to the local villagers that something wicked this way comes; but probably one of the best songs is "Devil & Daughter", which speaks to the charm of The Satanic Witch entrancing mankind while smashing all detractors; "When Death Calls" is a ballad-like Faustian auto-eulogy of a man about to walk through the veil of mortality warning the living of the terrors to come, and to dare not mock the face of death, lest your tongue blister; I also really enjoy "Kill in The Spirit World" which to Me, grants the impression of a Magical Victory against a truly deserving individual - despite the lyrics, as a justified execution, not a so-called "murder"; "Call of The Wild" affirms the enjoyment of life to those who have the courage to accept it in all of its carnal joy; "Black Moon" is another exceptional cantible, about The Devil rising and calling forth His own by the nocturne; and as if to compliment the previous, "Nightwing" summons the creatures of the night to witness the glory of the flight.

Obviously, there are certain typical depictions from the Judeo-Christian mythos, but it is very artfully done, with haunting tunes that float into the ether to join with the glowing moon. A frequent pleasure.


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