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Darth Vader toothbrush


Darth Vader toothbrush
Firefly | Disney

Most if not all of the novelty items*, weapons, multimedia, figures, clothing, etc., I tend to possess are interesting in some manner, whether in shape of item or decoration, Satan, Batman, Vader, Ming, horror, monsters, Occult, Martial Arts, at al**., otherwise straight Hellegant black or blood red! As Magic is inevitably introduced to just about every activity!

Harkening to The Dracling, had an opportunity to try a new Darth Vader toothbrush today! And it was fun! First of all, with the tube connected, it looks like Vader's red lightsaber extended {darksaber?}, then upon removing the red casing and turned on, says a few iconic lines while the stem glows and blinks red, along with the whirl and rush of the laser movements! It remains on the duration of the brushing session. Accompaniment with proper Vader cup recommended!

Since Draclinghood, I usually possess all things Vader, from action figures, to cereal, to even jewelry! In fact, in a bit of precognitive action, My pre-Baphomet pendant as a Dracling before Infernal realization was in fact a Vader head! Being a prime manifestation of a villainous archetype, a reflection of the Jungian Shadow, it is no wonder! A psychological projection of one's character traits!

One may not necessarily notice it is a toothbrush if you didn't already know so at first glance! That's how detailed and novel this item is, like an object d'art itself for any Star Wars fantom to appreciate! Leave the casing on, and it just looks like a lightsaber ready for battle! I can picture a mini battle with a sibling or even progeny perhaps!

* Never one for the generic or sterilized, programmed, or "trendy", unless either undercover, or the quality is remarkable.
** With a toy series concentration on the likes of Shogun Warriors, Masters of The Universe, Alien, Star Wars.

Tags: archetypes, art, black earth, dracling, infernal progeny, possessions, psychology, sci-fi, toys, vader, villains

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