DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Devil earphones


DEVIL Light Up LED Headphone

Found this amusing pair of Devil Horn earphones while out and about, which light up and fit snugly on the ears, instead of within like nubs, which skull buds are for! Being a collector of strange oddities, I possessed them forthwith! It is pleasing to see some of the multimedia manifestations appearing here and there in this Age of Fire!

The sound quality is impressive inasfar as a surround-sound experience, with boosted bass and clarity of vocals & instruments. There is a small button camouflaged by one of the horns which activates the lights, which can either stay on, blink or remain off.

Even if one may not necessarily wear them oneself, it can make for novelty decoration for an AHC, or someone of like mind! Hell, maybe the strobe function can be a veritable mating signal, as in "turned on"!

A note to ponder the packaging - the main design features a flame ascending from within an inversed trapezoid, where the crown of fire on a Demon's head where Baphomet would be, with trapezoid shapes featured both on the general design as well as the shape of the cord container itself, with a pitchfork emblazoned thereupon. The only thing that's missing are pentagrams on the earphones themselves! Which can be easily added!

The Devil has the beast tunes, which are listened to in style!

  • Frequency Response: 20-2000 Hz
  • Weight: 9.03oz/256g
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Audio Cable Length: 5 Ft {1.5 mm}
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 102db

  • Tags: black earth, malefick musick, novelties, oddities, possessions, product review

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