Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

random generic questionnaire

1. Any scars? Privileged information! Would be pleased to show the interested!
2. Self harmed? No.
3. Crush? Elvira, Morticia, Lily, Vampira.
4. Kissed anyone? Definitely! Several! All over the place!
5. Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi! Cherry!
6. Someone you hate? Few are worthy of My Hatred, as few are worthy of My Love. But there are a couple of pests on the Sacrifice List that deserve punishment!
7. Best Friends? The Plant.
8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? Alcohol - Beer! Lots and lots! "Drugs"? No, do not care for them! Never really did! Tried pot, don't care for it!
9. What’s your dream job? Horror writer, illustrator, poet.
10. Ever been in love? Oh, most definitely so! Several times, and Love Never Dies!
11. Last time you cried? Last night while listening to Powerful and evocative music!
12. Favorite color? BLACK, Dark.
13. Height? Varies between 6-6'3"
14. Birthday? 2/1, Dracmas, IMBOLC, Candlemas Evil.
15. Eye color? Hazel-Brown.
16. Hair color? Black with subtle red highlights.
17. What do you love? Sex! Satan! Horror! Writing! Martial Arts!
18. Obsession? Satan! Sex! Occult! Horror!
19. If you had one wish, what would it be? The Power to seduce anyone I want!
20. Do you love someone? Yes. Ma & the plant, the podlings!
21. Kiss or hug? Both! KISS! Knights In Satan's Service!
22. Nicknames people call you? SATAN, The Devil, Demon, Drac.
23. Favorite song? Too many!
24. Favorite band? Too many!
25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you?
26. Best thing that has ever happened to you? Threesome!
27. Something you would change about yourself?
28. Ever dated someone? YES! Various & several, which fortunately led to mutual sexual gratification!
29. Worst mistake? Whenever not taking opportunities or temptation!
30. Watch the movie or read the book? Both. One enhances the other!
31. Ever had a heartbreak? Yes, unfortunately.
32. Favorite show? Right now, Knight Rider, but there are very many!
33. Best day of your life? Elevation, threesome!
34. Any talents? Music, poetry, Artist, writing.
35. Do you wish you could ever start over? Sometimes, with certain things and people.
36. Any bad habits? Nothing serious I can recall.
37. Ever had a near death experience? Nothing typical. Saw nothing but darkness.
38. Someone I can tell anything to? The Plant.
39. Ever lost a loved one? Not as such; Iggy is always with Me whenever I want, and whenever she wants!
40. Do you believe in love? Yes!
41. Someone you hate/Dislike? Some pests who will eventually get swatted!
42. Are you okay? Much better than okay, I'm excellent!
43. Relationship status? ?
44. Selfie? See profile pic!

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