Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Watercross, mini stingrays, & foot floaters!


ITEM: Cross washes up on Florida shore

The nazarene folktale describes the character as walking on water, when in fact the sea was receded per natural seasonal flows, yet perhaps impressive timing to simps {unbeknownst to them! of course}, but this is ridiculous!

Five options: 1. Throw it back! Let nature sort it out! 2. Invert it, paint it black! Perhaps utilize it for Messe Noir purposes. Remember the one from The Devil's Rain! 3. Burn it! Use it as kindling to burn copies of the moldy babble and koran! 4. Charge to see it, and/or sell it to stuporstitious fundies! 5. Cut into dimensional portents to make your own Altar. Either Trapezoidal, Pentagram, or inverse cross!


An Altar can be built in three methods:

  • I. Trapezoid: The base should be squared, forming a solid foundation. Cut 4 boards at tilted angles slightly serrated at the ends, which ascend to support the altar top, which may either flat or flat trapezoidal facing the primary viewing direction. Option: center pillar underneath.
  • II. Pentagram: 5 boards {of either same or thinner width to last}. 4 Lain flat against the wall in Pentagram formation. 1 lain parallel sideways from wall like shelf, which may either serve to display entirely of tools, or additional decoration.
  • III. Inverse Cross: 2 boards, one lain flat against the wall, the other sideways & outfacing to accommodate Altar items.
ITEM: Creepy Crawlies from the sea

To Me, it looks like Evilution has produced a new creature here - miniature mantarays with legs! Those beautiful water devils! The bodies and spines are very similar, and dangerous {Ask Steve Irwin!}, and perhaps they are still twitching is because they need to get back to water! Similar but not so much like rat-tailed maggots, looking more crustacean than anything!

ITEM: Severed foot found in Canada

Every time I hear one of these stories, I Am reminded of the story "Satan Sleuth" Emon tells about the shoes he found in the desert, whom he claims were submitted during an initiation ritual. Could someone have taken cues from that story and added an extra gory element? In any case, the sheeple to whom the foot belongs is obviously some trendy generic with such bad programmed taste.

This actually reminds Me of the Vajankle! For the tride and true foot fetishist!

Tags: animal kingdom, animals, blasphemy, decor, evolution, misanthropology, misanthropy, nature, nefarious news, social commentary, social observation

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