DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Halloween is not for wimps!


ITEM: Mother sues amusement park for getting scared at Halloween attraction

First off, I would definitely give a raise to whomever the actors are who apparently went above and beyond their abilities to do their jobs correctly and professionally. What a complement to their talent!

Surely, if anyone came to any one of My events or performances, and became frightened to the point of falling over and shrieking, experiencing heart palpitations, even stroke or heart attack, or even just fainting, it would be a great complement! Every horror writer or director should aspire to such! Merely consider The Exorcist's record of fainting spells which created a classic in horror!

Could this person just be looking for a free performance? Enjoying a night out at a venue, trying to receive their ticket money back by lying and putting on their own act?

Perhaps there should be a Halloween dictum:

"If you do not want to be frightened at a Halloween event, do not go there."

Furthermore, the so-called "no boo" necklace should be removed, as there cannot be any guarantee that overly-sensitive patrons will not be frightened during their visit, particularly during Halloween performances! Halloween is not for wimps!

I'm sure there are warning notices abouts, from advertisements to known common knowledge, that those with weak physical and/or mental capabilities should beware. Those with medical problems or religious sensibilities. Will they be required to sign a risk release? When entering whatever venue, everyone assumes a reasonable risk, and takes responsibility for themselves. Otherwise, leave the fun for others and stay home!

Snake devours groundhog Puxsutawny Phil!

There will indeed be a longer Winter! Rodent known for being a weather predictor was snatched right out of his hole upon peeking out to make his prediction, by a large serpent, who then slithered down that very hole!

Tags: adventure, exorcism, halloween, haunted house, herd mentality, herd stupidity, horror, nefarious news, noctuary, thriller

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