Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Cuff watch


I was gifted this "cuff watch", which compliments My style. One of the best gifts one can receive in My opinion, is one that complements your style and interests, although that of an erotic nature is always acceptable! I actually HAD a brown one upon a timelessness, acquired at a liquor store of all places I believe {it is interesting what one can discover at such worldly places while traveling to and fro upon the earth, items not normally carried at regular or generic stores*}, eventually becoming frayed, then misplaced during a relocation.

Of course, a smartphone contains clocktime, a camera, recording capabilities, etc., mostly just for fun, but possessing an actual quality & aesthetic watch, clock, camera, etc., is for elevated purposes and character. Love the look, smell and feel of the cool leather and metal rings and buckles. Very Hellraiser, Crow, Scissorhands, and practical, yet with a Noir Hellegance.

* A keychain featuring movable copulating figures comes to mind! As well as leather fingerless gloves, daggers, stylized skull and dragon lighters, etc.

Tags: aesthetics, autobiography, biography, black earth, clothing, dracmas, dracumentary, gothic, metal, noir, novelties, novelty, possession, possessions, product review

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