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The Bathing Rite


It has been stated that "cleanliness is next to godliness" - of course, this platitude was invented to try to motivate the unwashed masses into being a bit more sanitary and taking a shower! Thus avoiding disease, infection, and promoting overall health, well-being, and aesthetics! But perhaps being so bereft and separated from instinct or any sort of good sense! But symbolically, it would actually be more appropriate to say "Cleanliness is next to Devilishness", considering that bathing is an indulgent experience, with or without someone else therein, but the cleansing of the flesh is preparatory to allowing for others to enjoy and appreciate efforts in grooming practices, with additional impetus to attract with multisensory stimulus. While a filthy nazarene personality construct could care less, seeking instead to eschew natural inclinations in favor of blindlight idiotology and self-hating attitudes.

Aquatic themed environment

It would go naturally to decorate the bathing room appropriately to honor Leviathan in myriad manifestations. From Cthulhu to Godzilla, and a plethora of sea creatures! Perhaps even frescoes, framed picture/s, * projections!

The Bathing practice is a positive ritual, and healthy habit, like exercise. Figuratively submerge in the waters of Zam-Zam!

  • Black soap {Silk recommended}
  • Body wash {Dark Temptation recommended}
  • Shampoo {for silk & shine; Red - Pomegranate Bliss soften & shine}
  • Shampoo {For rejuvenation & body; Black - Blackberry Sage Tea revitalizing renew & refresh}
  • Back scrubber exfoliater.
  • Black Loofah
  • 1. Walk into tub gesticulating the Pentagram: "In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus". Hellements Leviathan & Lucifer coalesce herein, conjoined with Belial in the black soap. Scented candles may be present to represent Hellfire Hellement of Satan.
  • 2. HAIR: Wash with silk & shine Pomegranate Bliss shampoo first {moisturize}, then Blackberry Sage revitalize & refresh for volume.
  • 3. BODY: Apply black soap to back scrubber. Lather well. Exfoliate.
  • 4. BODY: Apply bodywash to loofah, lather well. Soft skin massage & scent application.
  • 5. BODY: After shower - Soft towel dry. Lotion {Honey/Vanilla}.
  • 6. Rededicate flesh unto Lust & Power {Lilith & Satan}, rejuvenation & beauty. That those who may desire one may partake their fill for mutual gratification. Masturbation optional. Go forth to inspire passion & aspiration. ECI/ACI. Upon exiting, shake off loofah 9x to the Four Corners. gesticulate Pentagram, with So It Is Done.
{Ideally preceded by rest & workout. Perhaps bath curtain is specialized!}

Tags: black earth, erotica, lust, pleasures of the flesh, possessions, product review, sex, total environment, total environments

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