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Posts from This Journal “villains” Tag

  • King Diamond figure!

    P O S S E S S I O N S Super 7 "Halloween Series" 3. 75" ReAction Figure A veritable Halloween treat arrives as I Am…

  • The Bad Guys' Guide To Being "Good"

    The Bad Guys' Guide To Being "Good" Aaron Blabey | A little spider asks to join a goodguys club, tired of being stigmatized.…

  • May the 4th be with you!

    Since today is officially "Star Wars day", as declared by the California legislature {who else?}, I decided to dig out My Darth Vader pendant…

  • Darth Vader toothbrush

    P OSSESSIONS Darth Vader toothbrush Firefly | Disney Most if not all of the novelty items*, weapons, multimedia, figures, clothing,…

  • Master of The Dark!

    R EIGN I N H ELL When the moon is drained of all its light... Vincent Talbot just wants to possess that "recipe book" from Elvira…

  • Bale out!

    N EFARIOUS N EWS From The Devil's Desk ~ I'm not particularly impressed by actor Christian Bale's joking declaration of "thanking Satan"…

  • Mighty Mugs Darth Vader

    B LACK E ARTH P OSSESSIONS MIGHTY MUGS Darth Vader by Hasbro Darth Baby? Reminiscent of MOTU's Man-E-Faces, is this stout Vader…

  • Malefick Musick Ritual Villains playlist

    M ALEFICK M USICK MALEFICK MUSICK: Ritual Villainous soundtracks to correspond with The Satanic Mass for inspiration, atmosphere, and…

  • Beware of... The Peddler!

    Another Batman villain? THE PEDDLER AKA: King of Skid Row. With a cardboard crown. The Scavenger, The Poser, ibid. Lair: Skid Row. There, when…

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