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From The Devil's Desk ~

I'm not particularly impressed by actor Christian Bale's joking declaration of "thanking Satan" for his success depicting former Vice President Dick Cheney in a movie, accurate or not. He apparently takes directions well from creators, directors, & originating nuclei to be considered so favorably mentionable in the entertainment business, but I think this snide comment was not meant to be flattering, and may even be a bit insulting, actually. Bale appeared drunk, and may have a persecution complex, wherein he believes everyone is 'demonizing' him. While having a merry time entertaining his coworkers and acquaintances is expected, may context be preserved! Like the rest of the herd, his impression of Satan is probably no different than that of the typical JC definition, applied onto a largely disliked politician to the masses.

Of course, Satan is the Ultimate Villain, which makes for a convenient scapegoat! To thank Satan is to thank oneself, yet I hardly think this performer has that elevated perspective! Obviously, since celebritards routinely go up on stage to "Thank God" for their material success {as if ersatz so-called "talent" is not enough!}, like a habitual staple, is largely meaningless, but apparently thought it would be a great cheap joke!

Ironically, Batman IS a Satanic archetype, a veritable Satanic representation of the vengeful antihero vigilante administering principles of Lex Satanicus diabolical justice where best served, and while I did enjoy the film Batman Begins, which essentially revealed The Dark Knight as Shinobi, this actor's commentary seems less than sincere, and is therefore ignored.

My personal favorite depiction of The Darknight is Tim Burton's variation {played by Michael Keaton}. Batman is the intellectual and strategic character, a well developed mind & body, like Ninja, with seemingly magical capabilities, while exhibiting carnal propensities in private life. An inspirational reflection of The Shadow.

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