Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


Per the importance of terminological context, the word for the secular observation of December 25 should remain secular, so instead of the religious "christmas" {containing the irrelevant "christ"}, even more so than 'xmas'* to show an abhorrence, or indifference for such, an appropriate term would therefore be "Santamas"** for the populace, considering the prevalence of that indulgent character {except in Scatalonia, of course!}.

Though the Yuletide courses through about from Krampusnacht through to [common] New Years, We Satanists celebrate The Winter Solstice as Our religious Winter celebration, in alignment with Science & Tradition. Then, if so choosing, Santamas {or Krampusmas?} may be acknowledged for relatives and/or occupational events, sans any detestable manger filth; otherwise the birthdays of Mithras, Horus, & Dionysus.

* or in a salacious sense, put the "X" in xxxmas!
**being that a veritable "Satanmas" has just occurred for Halloween and The Winter Solstice {Satanalia, etc.}

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