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Captured a new item while out and about "hunting" at the local grocery store recently. These cheese doodles are made completely of peas, but may as well be potatoes for the texture and taste. But what caught My attention in particular is the amusing name - "peatos" - to match "cheetos", which this brand almost has a psychotic animosity for, even choosing another type of predatory cat, a tiger, as if to "challenge" Chester Cheetah! They also claim to be a healthier option of snack using pea flour, lentil flour and fava bean protein.

Amusingly, that word also happens to literally translate to "spout" in Spanish, and furthermore, "penis" in slang! Now, depending on the clientele, this could either work for or against the company. For instance, one of the reasons why "Osco" drug failed, was for hispanic customers at least to register the word "disgusting" in their minds, being the similarity to the word "asco".

In any case, there are four flavors of "peatos" to choose from: Classic cheese {more or less just like cheeztits}, fiery hot {you can really taste the lentils, prefer Red Hot Cheetos}, chili cheese {always a win}, and "masala" {for a more homestyle, almost curry-like style}. Due to the former flavor, this snackrifice originates from Central Asia, India - something one would find at Trader Joe's Addams Family Foodshoppe, though available at select Kroger stores.

As far as comparisons, Cheetos are a bit larger & cheesier, while both retain their distinctive flavors, and make for excellent croutons.

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