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December of MOLOCH


Moloch_Baphomet{Place thine hands forth towards The Altar, feel the Strength & Hellfire! Hear The Beast roar! Echoing across The Abyss! Thine hooves quake earth and bone! The glow of thy fearsome eyes burn like coals!}

Mighty Moloch, we bring ye forth the great sacrifice of the corrupted christling into thine hellfire embrace, symbol of abstinence and ignorance, as caganer demons defecate upon the manger, sweltering in filth. Behold! The fires burn! And purify with blood and sin! Come forth! Thine sulfur burns into flesh and mind! Thine brimstone fills the senses with intoxication!

Upon the forthcoming Winter Solstice will transition into Season Lucifer {Air/fog/Intellect}

To Me, Moloch is Belial, Lord of the Black Woods & ShadoWilderness, whose number is 666, Great Wild Beast, unbound and without a Master, with derivation explained in The Infernal Names as "Phoenician & Canaanite Devil". Whose Season is Autumn.

  • Hellement: Earth Harvest.
  • Color designation: Black, Brown, Oranges, Yellows. Colorations of The Abyss, subterranean caverns.
  • Holiday/Sabbath: Autumnal Equinox, Halloween.
  • Particular Symbol: Brimstone/Sulfur sigil.
  • Geometry: Hexagram. 🔯
  • Number: 6.
  • Traits: Instinct, lust, practicality, mundane.
  • Creatures: The Bull, Werewolf, Lycanthrope. All that which slithers, crawls, burrows, runs across the face of The Black Earth. Reptilian and mammalian animals throughout.
He is Mithras, even Amon, The Ram of The Moon, The Sun, The Stars. The Tauroctony is only symbolic inasfar as rebirth and Immortal Power. The Beast returns stronger than ever!

* 2/2: As predicted, the Conjuration of Moloch brought forth a 7.0 earthquake by way of Alaska on the date [11/31-12/1] - or, anywhere but here! Combined with over 230 aftershocks at this date.

Tags: 666, archetypes, autumn, belial, black earth, black mass, blasphemy, earthquake, mathemagics, messe noir, psychodrama, psychology, ritual, sacrifice, seasonal, seasons in hell, sigils, solstice, symbolism, winter

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