DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Satan Claus coming 'round the bend...!

By their costumes ye shall know them!

It occurred to Me that as well as everything else, Halloween is also a celebration of the predator creatures of the night... and day, human and otherwise.

For Halloween we have the spider, wolf, bat, rat, owl, even lions and various other animals of nature & the paranormal {see Dracomeroth, XXVII Nights of Halloween}, if so inclined. Halloween can also a stratifier - by what type of character is being portrayed. From the villainous, monstrous, heroic, sexy, to the cherubic.

For common "xmas" observances, there is typically the reindeer, doves, and all manner of depictions of the præy variety! {rabbits for 'eostre'!, Beaster} Mostly of an angelic, or holy countenance; yet for Winter Solstice, there must be the necessary dark elements, such as The Winter Devil Krampus*, as well as trolls, gnomes, elves, Yulegoats, and ogres! In which case, it can serve as a stratifier as well!

* Krampus in '$anta' outfit is sufficient for a "Satan Claus", dispensing with awesome & killer items of one's liking and interests!

Tags: halloween, holidays, krampus, solstice, winter

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