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First off, I like the idea of the Sabrina series returning with a darker tinge than the previous merely "family friendly" version meant for the after school crowd. I'd just watch it from time to time for evocation, the pretty ladies, sexy witches, adorable familiar antics of Salem the black cat, some of the guests {including Penn playing a Warlock!}, and overall Bewitched-style amusing shenanigans.

Being the same actress from the first series, this amounts to more or less 'Sabrina After Dark' {XXX?}, as it were, "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" taking from the actual title of the horror-oriented comic book by the same name. It actually resembles "Buffy" to Me, although like Buffy, it seems Sabrina has to battle her own Dark Side, and others who have accepted their shadows, replete with Satanic aesthetics, instead of lame, stale, references to weaka. Otherwise, this just looks like fun!

As a Dracling, I first became acquainted with this character through the Archie comic books, being one of the characters popping up in there from time to time, until she finally received her own comic - I always thought she was the most interesting character therein, though I always found Veronica most visually appealing. Never actually bought any of those comics, but recall characters in the strip advertising various products, and even having a page dedicated to a brief "adventure" appearing sometimes either in the middle or the back of the comicbook I was reading. I can see the appeal in an apparently wholesome-looking girl with such "forbidden" & arcane interests & secrets. But as we know, she fits securely in the sex/compassion dynamic! A veritable stimulating "madonna/whore" juxtaposition!

A point of contention that has arisen recently involves the inclusion of a Sabbatic Baphomet displayed, which resembles the TOS variation*, almost identically, obviously taking its cues therefrom, sans breasts, and inclusive of children. This may or may not contain a sexual element, depending upon the viewer, or it may be a statement of subsequent generations looking to Satanic ideology for guidance, and are not considered to be truly Satanic {metaphorical darketypes inspirational of & to The Self} by Satanists, but rather pretenders.

To Me, this seems like baiting by media propaganda engineers for more attention towards the show, another publicity stunt likened what AHS did by including an ersatz Anton LaVey characterization. The more the fuss, the more eyeballs will be watching. But what is the content behind those eyeballs? Another Satanic Panic could not occur to the intensity it did before, considering the FBI conclusions on that hysteria, plus all the information on the philosophy and dogma are readily available for perusal by the intelligent to educate themselves {and the unintelligent who'd rather stubbornly cling to their programming, fundamentalists using fear tactics to scare sheeple into pews, and "shock" pseudo-journalists seeking best copy for entertainment}.

I prefer to not feed the monkeys, and allow their nightmares to consume them. Let stratification take its course. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the show, on and off screen!

* It recalls The Devil Tarot card wherein two lovers are in the throes of Satan's sinful passions! Ignited by hellfire! Complete with erection, & the lustful, dilated eyes of Baphomet!

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