Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Curse Bomb


Curse Bomb
AzagthothA manifestation by Black Arts & Sciences of The Forces of Darkness.

Dynamic: "# turds with one thorn". Wherein if one has a multiple of sacrifices who all happen to wander into the same general area, the demon seeds implanted by Hatred within their subconscious begin to more dramatically vibrate by the frustrum to increase destruction.
GROUND ZERO: Thus, one begins aggravating the other, until the outcome resolves in mutually-caused destructive manifestation. This would be a dramatic further step in the final termination / fulfillment of The Curse.

Method: By The Words of Power {Hexen Cornu, Cursefix | & Pentaculum} I called upon Arch Daemon Gods of Chaos ⛧Azag-Thoth⛧, ⛧Choronzon⛧, 🔯 Abaddon The Devourer, 👌 Sekhmet, {✋ Maha} Kali which was followed by a rolling cracking in the walls, as ether took manifestation upon materialization, gaining substance by The Will.

Manifestations: Subjects caused small-scale riot resulting in several altercations, & were thusly removed.

Fallout: There has been some fallout in the wake of the Curse detonation:
  • I. Run From The Border! There was a mass shooting at a local country nightclub called The Borderline in Thousand Oaks wherein an event by Pepperdine University was occurring, wherein there were 12 casualties. Perpetrated by "bored" Marine Vet.
  • II. Massive Wildfires erupt in Griffith Park - "Woolsey fire" {small offshoot Hill fire 1st erupts near LA Zoo, wherein some animals were evacuated, since extinguished}; & Northern California in Butte County near Sacramento {largest in CA history}, with a current deathtoll of 11. Sun appears red. UPDATE 11/20
  • Woolsey Fire - Deathtoll: 3
  • Camp Fire - Deathtoll: 81 | Missing: 699
Confirmation: Demon Winds resplendent accompanied by Infernal Bliss. Overall, it seems I did in fact receive My sacrifices after all!

Deep Gratitude. In The Name of SATAN!

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne

Tags: curse, dracomeroth, dractionary, greater magic, magic, psychodrama, sacrifice, witchcraft

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