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70 questions...

1. are you religious? Yes, a deeply religious Satanist of personal style. Satanism is a religion, lifestyle, and philosophy.
2. what animal do you think you’re most like? DRAGON, serpent. Definitely mentally & emotionally reptilian with some parts mammalian.
3. how do you take your coffee? Iced with creamer of choice - either Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut.
4. how old were you when you had your first kiss? "12/13". Lerue from Wyoming who came to live with her relatives in NHC over remmus.
5. museum date or aquarium date? Depends on the date! Either more sophisticated, intellectual, or just plain fun!
6. do you have any tattoos or piercings? do you want more? No, and maybe. These would be personal symbols and deeply evocative, formative illustrations.
7. favorite fruits? Naners, peaches, pears, oranginos. Avocados!
8. favorite vegetables? Corn, spinachio.
9. i’ll only date you if _____. (fill in the blank) You're into SATAN! HORROR & METAL are a bonus! "If you're into EVIL, you're a friend of mine!" [AC/DC: Back In Black] | "Satan, Metal, Horror, Sin, Death!" - Devin Black.
10. do you cry a lot? No.
11. who are your closest friends? Cabbage, Daemoni.
12. have you ever been a part of a protest or a march? No, but being part of the Doodah Parade would be most amusing, and perhaps the Rose Parade on a Satanic float! It has been mused that I would be The Devil waving to the crowd on it!
13. do you play any video games? Not so much now, but favorites in the arcade were Satan's Hollow, Missile Command, Dungeon Master. The last ones I played were Nightmare Creatures, Castlevania, Dracula Unleashed.
14. did you ever have an emo or scene phase? Fuck No.
15. what color is most of your wardrobe? Black, then dark everything else.
16. what do you like to do for fun? Listen to Malefick Musick, watch Horror movies, Satantra!
17. what is your biggest fear?
18. name a subject you know a lot about Satanism, The Occult, Satanic Panic, Serial Killers, Horror movies, Martial Arts, Weightlifting, Metal.
19. favorite fictional characters? DARKETYPES - Batman, Hell Priest, Dracula, Corbis, Angus Scrimm, The Kurgan, Darth Vader, Ming The Merciless, Lo Pan. Masks of Satan!
20. do you read a lot? what are your favorite books? Yes. All LaVey, Lovecraft, Blackthorne, Clive Barker, Twain, Nietzsche, various Satanic authors.
21. how would you describe your style? DRACONIAN. Hellraiser, Black Metal, Goth Noir. Hellegant!
22. did you have a favorite stuffed animal when you were little? do you still own it? YES! By the grace of Satan, I still have My Steiff Pablo bear, acquired in Italy.
23. what’s something most people love that you hate? People, blindlight crutches, stupidity.
24. do you think you’re a good singer? FUCK YES! My reach varies in styles - from decipherable Demonic Bestial high pitched to low rumbles & growls, to operatic {Messiah Marcolin, Maiden}, Hellvis & Steele.
25. who do you live with? I live in Hell with Monsters, Demons, and Cabbages.
26. favorite desserts? Nubile flesh, vanilla pudding, fruit pies, pastries.
27. what is the best decision you’ve made in your life so far? Being rid of the perfidious nazarene!
28. favorite makeup brands? King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Immortal, KISS, Gorgoroth, Erechkigal. MINE!
29. favorite clothing stores/brands? The Shadow Side, ASP Apparel, Underworld Amusements, Momentum, Puritan.
30. what was your first job? Flier distributor for Earl's Toys, YMCA peanut salesman/boy, cart collector for Hugh's market.
31. do you take a lot of naps? No, but I sleep about 11 hours, in concordance with exercising The Demon, & indulging in Feast of The Beast.
32. what is your favorite part about your body? Phallus, then brain, face, then physique! One complements the other!
33. are you more dominant or more submissive? Dominant.
34. are you more outgoing or more shy? Selective commiseration according to intelligence & purpose.
35. how tall are you? 6'1"-2"/3" in boots.
36. what is your body type? 12/13. \|/ SATAN.
37. favorite flower? Dracondia.
38. favorite planet? EARTH. Mine!
39. what do you want to dress up as for halloween this year? Myself. SATAN! The Infernal Majesty.
40. do you prefer to date people the same age as you, younger, or older? ALL as I choose.
41. describe the person you’re in love with/have a crush on in great detail. Cabbage. Witchie-poo. Elvira, Morticia, Lily Munster, Vampira, Dracula's Brides, Goth girls, Devil Girls, girls in sexy Halloween costumes, etc.!
42. who is your biggest inspiration? SATAN, LUCIFER, LaVey {incarnation}.
43. do you have any kinks? Besse Infame!
44. do you own any pets? Not right now, but usually a plethora. I've had many familiars.
45. which celebrity do people say you look the most like? The Devil, Dracula, LaVey {w/ long hair}, The Undertaker.
46. do you like sports? Not simplistic spectator sports meant for cretins, but Martial ARTS and Weightlifting Power, and the aesthetics of Bodybuilding. WWF. I find Professional Wrestling very entertaining!
47. have you ever seen a broadway musical? On the Speculum. Onstage at Mt. SAC {not actually "Broadway"}, and Citrus.
48. what is your favorite kind of food? Spicy foods. Mexican, Italian, homestyle American.
49. would you rather be a fairy or a mermaid? I would have to say "faerie", in the sense that they retain their shape, can change at will, and possess elemental abilities.
50. what is your instagram? Warlock Blackthorne
51. glossy lips or matte lips? Glossy! Nice and glistening red! Perfect for penetration!
52. do you like cherry, grape, blue raspberry, watermelon, or green apple jolly ranchers the best? ALL.
53. what are your best personality traits? ALL.
54. what is your ethnicity? SATANIC. Mediterranean.
55. what different hair colors have you had? Dark brown, light brown, blonde striped {via "Sun-In"}, reddish brown, Midnight Black. Purple Black. Black with red highlights is natural.
56. favorite disney princess? Snow White {overall fetishistic}, Ariel {reminds Me of Mystique}, Pocahontas {poke a hot ass!}.
57. favorite album of 2017? ∞
58. have you ever had braces? No. Dracovum has always been very attentive in caring for My teeth.
59. favorite holiday? Helloween, Dracmas, Walpurgisnacht.
60. post a selfie.
61. are you a good swimmer? Reasonably well. I have this!
62. do you wear jewelry? YES. At present, Pentagram & inverse cross pendants, 2 rings on horns fingers each hand, pentagram chain bracelet, spiked wristband, spiked bootstraps, Brimstone pin.
63. can you play any instruments? Vocal primarily. Though I have shown some alacrity with the keyboards, drums, bass & guitar, every time I have an opportunity to play them.
64. do you have any siblings? It has been mused that I ate My siblings in the womb. Otherwise, only estranged 1/2 sister & brother. Last time I saw either of them while a Dracling living in NH.
65. are your grandparents still alive? how old are they? No. Crazy bitch grandma on donor's side finally died. Grandmother on Ma's side lived well past her centennial. Spoke with her over the phone once.
66. who knows the most about you? Ma, then Cabbage.
67. are you a more quiet person or do you talk a lot? Selective commiseration & socialization to those who deserve it. Quiet to the common herd, speak on a great numerage of subject in the company of intelligent individuals and others of like mind. Can play various roles and personages to obtain selfish desires.
68. what advice would you give to your 13 year old self? Indulge in carnal pleasures at every opportunity with as many as you like, by whatever manners contemplated.
69. how many pillows do you sleep on 1, sometimes pull the other.
70. ask any question you’d like.

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