DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Tree of Death

I've been asked what My opinion is on the recent Jewish "Tree of Life" synagogue shooting...

Well, it was apparently perpetrated by a neo-white supremacist - lazy pseudo-intellectual justifications in denial of inferiority based on lack of accomplishment. So apparently this is what he may consider "accomplishment" in the murder of those whom he had nothing to do with, nor could ever hope to match. Usually, if this type of criminality is perpetrated by another blindlighter, I say let them at it - they've been decimating eachother for centuries, and that always carries an element of racism as well.

Racism is a copout, by whatever type of racist may be of whatever pigmentation. So some lazy uneducated slob can just proclaim ersatz "superiority" just by saying so? Never. Just get over it already and move on to real value by merit and evolve. EARN IT. Respectability, success, etc. is of worth.

Nowadays it seems to be either ghetto culture or pusillanimous culture. Both vile. Bigmouths and pretend bigshots with nothing to back up claims. They should be shunned & reviled.

Tags: crime, criminology, nefarious news, racist, social commentary, social observation, society, sociology

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