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Satan's "Fall" V...

Spooky Halloween Asks!

what’s your weirdest/most irrational fear? Don't have one.
Candy Corn
what’s the best Halloween candy? the worst? Beast - Crispy & Snickers. Worst - none.
do you believe in omens? which ones? Absolutely yes. From those displayed in nature {animals & nature} to those augured by The Oracles.
do you believe in demons? Absolutely. In a parapsychological sense, emanating from within. Thoughtforms, Tulpas, Egregores, potential energy tapped from the Ether via WILL.
have you ever encountered a spirit or haunted place? Yes. Saw a veil of light just this evening, not to mention whispers from Dracovum, an appearance by a former disincarnate acquaintance in the backyard, "Walpurgis Light" upon one Walpurgis night in the backyard at a former Noctuary. Although I tend to "haunt" houses and areas where I have tread.
do you like haunted houses (or corn mazes, hayrides, etc.)? if so, what’s the scariest one you’ve participated in? Certainly - they all sound like fun! Although by far, the most frightening are those I have created.
do you know of any local urban legends, or is there an urban legend that really freaks you out? SATANTHOLOGY.
what’s the strangest unsolved mystery that you’ve heard of?
favourite horror film? "The Devil's Rain" in the category of -HORROR-, though I personally find it immensely inspirational, and a deeply religious film.
do you believe in magic, or any sort of otherworldly powers? Totally and completely to both. The Blackest Magic courses through Me, around Me, within Me, IS ME. AVE SATANAS.
Trick or Treat
do you have any plans for Halloween this year? Absorb The Demonic Energy, remain sensitive to the prevailing anomalies. Dracommended Guidelines for Helloween Displays.
do you believe in aliens, and do you think they visit Earth? Yes, I Am inclined to acknowledge their existence, for there is a high probability that there is and has been life on other planets; for we ARE where aliens WERE hundreds of thousands of years ago! We shall be those mysterious interstellar anomalies other civilizations shall ponder and wonder at.
what cryptid or monster do you think could actually exist? Sasquatch, Nessie, Mothman, Chupacabra, even "Slenderman", etc., as egregores, materialized thought-forms, amassed pools of energy projections and concentrations lending a momentum in receptive areas of darksome repute.* Those who populate the consideration for The XXVII Nights of Halloween {DRACOMEROTH} throughout the year.
are you going to dress up this year? if yes, as what? If so, Myself as SATAN. All I would really even need to do is wear a cape to complete THE LOOK, though I do also have a mask, though don't need one, but what an effect of removing the mask as seeing the apparition beneath!

Source: almightypumpkin
* I take responsibility for manifesting the chupacabra into shadowy existence, from hatred directed at a certain segment of the populace, it came to be as a result of a Curse.

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