Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Some Seasonal Brainstorming

Cemeteries should decorate the grounds with standups like this, and otherwise perhaps hire or reserve the options to employees to walk the grounds in costume starting from Autumnal Equinox through to Halloween, but especially on Halloween dispensing the best candy, and have fun activities, [black] arts & [witch] crafts, trick or treat treasure hunts, costume contents, traditional games, and Halloween parties!

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BOOTUBE: YouTube should temporarily change their name to "BooTube" for Falloweentime, and otherwise offer it as an option for Paranormal videos the rest of the year.
YULETUBE: YouTube should temporarily change their name to "YuleTube" for Winter celebrations.

Tags: adventure, autumn, autumn equinox, dracling, fall, falloween, halloween, infernal progeny, krampusnacht, social commentary, social observation, winter, witches, xmas, yule, yuletide

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