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Helloween Tricks & Treats!

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Lit by phantom black moonlight, skeletal trees shadow the land as grasping hands reaching up from The Pit, a twisted pathway strewn with leaves hued with Abyssal colors, the scent of petrichor joins morbidly wailing demon winds chill the bones, whispering to come closer to Jack O' Lanterns each bearing a demonic rictus, sigils, and the damned before, aglow with hellfire candles, forming the way to Satan's Throne...
Satans Throne

15%, 40%, 50% off select titles. Dare fill your bag with these Hellish Tricks and Treats!



{Codex Satani} 40% / $12.00

Comprising several books in one tome, Dracomeroth is a veritable Satanic Grimoire serving as inspirational psychodramas for Self-Transformation, Empowerment, and Diabolical Evolution.

Forbidden Knowledge...

Encompassing the complimentary Carnal with the Magical, included herein are The Draconian Dictums, Sins, The Infernal Alignment, Keys to The Infernal Realm, The Rites of Omnipotence, Satanasutra, Vampiricon, Glossary of Spells, Visualizations, Philosophy, Legendry, & proven techniques of psychological manipulation.


A Workbook of Sorcery presented in a highly imaginative & stimulating style, this text is intended for those courageous enough to peer into the deepest darkness of their own psyches, the vast Abyss within, and exercise one’s own Magical potential to the furthest degree, in a continual process of actualization unto the incarnation of Satan Oneself. Cooperating with Shadow Forces nascent in Nature in a structured form to ascend the levels of Satanic Grace, advancing one’s absolute Godhood.

Walking In The Shadows...

The Daemon calls, The Black Flame burns fierce! Open the pages of the Opvs Satani, and open The Gates of Hell. So It Is Done.

The Devils Scroll

Codex Diaboli: 40% | $12.00 [was $20.00]

The infamous writings of Warlock Draconis Blackthorne are collected in this tome from several sources including Noctuary, The Devil's Diary magazines, The Blackthorne Chronicles, The Shadowmantium, & various Satanic publications in both print and web. The 2nd edition is an expanded diabolical compendium segregated into several sections, filled with misanthropy, social commentary, dark observations, Satanic philosophy, polemic, & blasphemous counter-culture thought by the pen used as a literary sword. In his distinctive style, Blackthorne is a prolific writer, artist, poet, Satanist, Martial Artist, member of the notorious Church of Satan, Founder of The Order of The Black Dragon, President of Blackthorne Productions, Host of The Haunted Noctuary, & video director for several short films, He has appeared in several multimedia presentations, including TLC & Discovery's 'Pact With The Devil' for The Infernal Empire.

Satanic Serenades

Codex Noctvm: $6.50 [was $13.00] 50%

Suspend Disbelief...

Opvs Noctvm: Satanic Serenades are Infernal Reflections upon both vital existence and mythology, written in a beautiful, sometimes terrifying polemical, imaginative Gothic style, which inspires contemplation and darkest entertainment. Both fictional and non-fictional concepts are contained herein as veritable “diabolical psalms” for those who resonate to The Satanic perspective, and appreciate the sinister aesthetic. Divided into several sections, the black heart poetry of Satanic Serenades features odes, observations, and experiences which will manifest the Dark Side of the mind. Also features The Legend of Haunted Devil’s Canyon, a poetic horror anthology based upon frightening urban legends.

Suspend disbelief, relax in your blackened candle-lit chamber, as the night unfolds, the fog rolls in, and be taken into a Theater of Nightmares and Shadowy Dreams.

Your Hellish journey is about to begin... you have been warned... Enter at your own risk!


40% / $12.00

Diary of A Satanist. The Blackthorne Chronicles comprises Draconian Pentagonal Devilution.

2nd Edition now available: Added much material and several more photographs to 254 pages, including Hellementary, House of Whispering Eyes In The Valley of Shadows, Home of The Vikings, Devin Black Haunts, Evocative Revelations, and more.
  • Dracumentary: Daemonic Metamorphosis from Infernal Progeny, The Dracling through infernal realization, Satanic Panic, Hellementary, House of Whispering Eyes In The Valley of Shadows, Home of The Vikings, Devin Black Haunts, Evocative Revelations, The Loves of Lucifer, Lusts of Satan, & beyond.
  • The Black Book of Shadows: Experiences with Greater Magic, paranormal manifestations, diabolical rites, Curses, Lust Spells, Blessings from Hell.
  • The Black Earth: Adventures, excursions, discoveries, celebrations, recommendations, nefarious events. The darker side of existence. {Includes the 666 High Mass, Halloween/Walpurgisnacht observances, graveyards, occult travels}
  • Tales From The Shadow Side: Paranormal experiments & explorations into various urban legends & mysteries.
  • The Black Dragon Speaks!: Interviews with various publications, institutions, individuals, web sources, radio, & broadcasts.
With this plethora of nefarious relations, The Blackthorne Chronicles includes evocative poetry, & previously unpublished photographs. Advance through image to possess.

The Shadow Gallery

The SHADOW GALLERY {Codex Noctem}

color paperback: 40% / $54.00 [was $90] | color Hard Cover: 15% / $56.69 [was $66.69]

Satanic Devilutions
Over 230 full color framed archetypal illustrations are featured herein this diabolical photo book, detailing a myriad of nefarious metaphorical & occult concepts in a psychodramatic Horror-oriented style. This truly Wicked Tome contains a plethora of Traditional Drawings, sketches, and technomantic photo-manipulations, mixed media, complete with descriptions and story lines from cover to cover of infernal visions into the Abyss of the Shadow Side of the mind.

A Word of Warning

Dare you step inside this tenebrous gallery of terror-filled delights, the observer will be exposed to all manner of transitional blasphemy, stimulating lusts, morbidity & death, and invigorating Strongest Life.

A Gateway to Hell

Candle light flickers in the gloomy chamber, strange shadows move in the darkness, behold specters appearing in the looking glass, reflecting dread nightmares and dreams, taking form in this atramentous atmosphere, merging as one. Gaze into this black mirror, to possess and be possessed...

[Black Edition, also available]

Devils Diaries


{Codex Daemonum/Compendium book}: 40% / $12.00

Volume 1: Issues 3-15. XXXVII-XLV A.S. Over 50 essays by members of The Church of Satan. Now is your opportunity to possess all content in these issues in one book. Includes extra material not previously published.

Malefick Media


{Codex Luciferi}: 50% / $12.50

Something Malefick this way comes...

Herein there be Horror, Action-Adventure, Film Noir, Thrillers, Documentaries, Comedy, Dark Fantasy!

Malefick Media is a compendium of Multimedia reviews from a Satanic perspective, featuring sections Malefick Musick, Satan’s Scroll, Spechtreum, Sinemaerotica, Satanic Panic Archive, Infernal Progeny, The Black Earth, as well as stimulating articles, and a list of choice recommendations.

So named Codex Lvciferi for The Prince of The Power of The Air, as these sinister transmissions are cast upon the ether for timeless visual & audial mutual gratification. Arranged in playlist style complete with Acts, Scenes, Intermission and Finale, please be seated as The Infernal Orchestra prepares you for an entertainment adventure into several genres of diabolical amusement.

Anticipation grows as the lights dim, the black curtain parts... fantasy & reality become obscured, light and shadow dance upon screen & stage, joined by the haunting & inspiring music of the night...

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